Monday, March 5, 2012

Simple Things.

Elijah recently made me this necklace. 
He explained that he carefully chose these particular beads because I love the beach so much. 
 Isaiah piped up and said, "you should make me one with girls on it"

1000 Gifts #672-691

Thankful for the laughter. 
and brother's job security
and new dryer belts that turn the drum
and stepping on my lost earring
and the sweet chat with Betty, the coffee hostess @ Sheetz (because when God told me to, I did)
and meeting Emmie and her sure encouragement
and prayers of friends I love
and Jill's early Thursday call just to say "love ya"
and my car not moving even when I left in in drive, on a hill, during a sister chat
and the new green coffee mug
and watching my kids watch the snow
and that I don't have to buckle kids into car seats, anymore
and the unplanned IHOP breakfast with Katie and cousins and Elijah and Nae
and Coach Carolyn
and watching a lot of Kindergartners at lunch - and my owns detailing of the scene
and the unexpected Impact bonus at work
and surviving The Lorax without adult back-up 
and God's hug- His sun shining through the snow showers
and help flipping the "pig" and the "turkey" bacon
and watching a movie with Shayne and his daddy
and the peacefulness of a house when all sleep but me
and my friend vertigo having left me alone for a few months now.

What 'ya thankful for?

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  1. A great list. Thanks for sharing. Just stopping by from Ann's site. Your life is full of reasons to give thanks!


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