Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Or so I thought.

My God Daddy must've thought I needed to learn some patience today.  I already learned all of that I needed.  Or so I thought.

It started early.  Really early when not one but two little brown boys climbed into my bed, fully awake and rarin' to go for the day- around 5:30 am- payback I'm sure for letting us sleep until 10:30 am on Sunday.  They were arguing about how Daddy smelled- Elijah was convinced he smells like the beach, Isaiah argued he smelled like an old dog.  Or so I thought.  Seems Isaiah was actually smelling our old dog- who was laying on Daddy's pillow. 

Anyhoo, after the early risers totally shot my morning routine chaos I still managed to get us out the door on time.  Or so I thought. 

I pulled right up in front of the school to drop the "baby" (who's always right) off at the front door, at precisely 7:48 am.  The same time I drop him off everyday. The same time that my watch and clock radio agreed upon.   Or so I thought.  I wondered why the new armed security guard just stood there next to the car, and didn't open my baby's door.  I also wondered why the cars in front of me were pulling to the side, and walking their kids in.  The bell rings at 7:50 am.  Or so I thought.

You have to sign him in.  The guard snapped. 
But it's only 7:48 I replied, a little confused.  Elijah was mortified.  "Mommy, you can't argue with the guard.. you'll get in trouble."  But I wasn't late, and he isn't a real guard.  Or so I thought. 

I parked the car- at the very end of the lot, and hiked the mile (or so it seemed) to the school, where I had to wait in line to sign in my tardy little baby.  A line had formed, there were lots of frustrated mommas and daddies in front of us.  I signed him in, and felt compelled to include in the "reason for tardy" field that we weren't really tardy, my watch and clock clearly showed 7:48.
So, after baby got his official "sticker" so he could now get passed the guard and go to his class, they announced the time was now 7:53am.  The exact same time that was now showing on my watch, and the clock on my car! 

Oh well.  I gathered my attitude and delivered another child to his learning institution and proceeded to work. 

After settling down and being really productive at work today, I took my lunch at 4:28pm and headed to the DMV, for a quick end of day visit.  Or so I thought.

I got my golden ticket B104, and it became clear I should settle in for a wait.  It was fine, really, cause I didn't have anything else to do- unless you count my new girl Kayla was waiting at my house for me to cook her some steak and taters on her last night of leave.  It was fine, really since the entertainment at the DMV is so refreshing  educational gross, I was happy to do nothing but sit and wait, wait and sit, sit and wait.  And watch.  Oh, the sights to see.  I especially enjoyed the fashion show.  Forget people of Wal-mart, I should start a people of the DMV.  And, not just that, but while I waited I had yet another unexpected surprise---- the opportunity to learn a couple different foreign languages.     

Anyhoo, this quick trip was to renew my license, which I was assured just a few weeks ago, when I was already there, that it wouldn't cost me anything since they (DMV) was requiring I actually come into their nice place of business again, after February 26 and not be allowed to renew on-line. And, since I was already there, it made sense to go ahead and renew our registration.  Or so I thought. 

I was very clear that I wasn't expecting to pay a fee, and the sweet lady who gave me my golden B104 you'll be the last person called never told me otherwise.  I was set.  Or so I thought. 

Anyhoo, about 45 minutes later I was summoned to window 20. 
Picture time.
Finally a better DMV picture.  Or so I thought.   

When she told me I could smile (but not show any teeth) I knew I was toast.  Yep, can't wait to see that one.  Well, actually I can.  Did you know the licenses now have to be mailed?  Yes sirree, I have to go to their nice place of business but they can't print the license on-site.  After I inquired argued a bit about the ridiculous fee for doing as I was told and bringing my smiling no teeth showing face in - I gave up.  How could I not?  When the poor tired ready to go home representative explained but "I don't have a code for that override." As I cheerfully handed her my debit card, I might have mumbled something about the lack of customer service from the golden ticket giver and how this felt like a trick to get more money.  I didn't want to say it too loudly, since the not one but two security guards were now focused in on my end of the counter.  Was it my mumbling, or the X-rated public display of affection at the counter next to me that caught their eye.  hmmmm.

If Elijah had been with me, he would most certainly have reminded me not to argue.  
Or so I thought.

Happy Tuesday y'all!

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