Monday, March 19, 2012

I do's, expectations and new promises.

Life is loud and beautiful and busy. 
Sometimes, when I'm so tired I think I wish for peace and quiet. 
For a minute.
And then, I think about what a quiet life would mean.
And I give thanks for the blessing of being trusted with the loud and busy.
We're celebrating big things these days.
I'm thankful to be part of the expectations, new promises and witnessing of the I do's. 

and for...

1000 Gifts #694 - 718

girlfriends who love Jesus and
promise rings
and the smile on their faces
blinding sunshine on the hill
power naps in the tanning bed
mornings without meltdowns
exercise trampolines
the mom talks he wants frequently these days
alarm clocks that don't work and a full 8 hrs of sleep
Sunday night cooking for my guys
coffee made by teenage son, and him wanting to share a cup with conversation  
anticipation of baby's safe arrivals
little boys in pj's and robes, and boots and jeans, and belts and swords all at once
5 generations in one spot
I do's at sunset
praise songs sung from the flat screen TV
my daddy's 67th birthday
my other daddy's heart beating fine

Daniel & Whitney- parents to baby girl Kirchner

Jill, Julio & Allie, Keith

what 'ya thankful for?


  1. lovely list! so glad your boy still wants mama talks! Gives me hope! it's true that the longed-for quiet would be awfully lonely! blessings from Uganda

    1. Hi Kelly- there is hope! We went through a time when I was afraid he would never need me, or want me in his life; but just like he grew into it, he grew out of it and our relationship gets sweeter every day. Thanks for visiting!

  2. This here list made me smile :) I love you, Robin. You're just a bundle of wonderful!


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