Friday, March 23, 2012

Five Minute Friday: LOUD!

It's Loud Friday. It's another five minutes with Gypsy Mama.

It's not for everybody.  The dainty sneeze- uh, chew... won't find that at our house.

It's what we do. 

And we're pretty good at it. 
TV- it's supposed to be on "22" yet it mysteriously ends up on 47.
I tell my boys, about forty eleven seven hundred times a day--- Inside voice, too loud. 
no matter. 

And, we don't even have to be at home to be Loud.  We can take it with us everywhere we go.  Talented, don't you think.

The whole whisper theory- bahaa haa aha haa - oh sorry. I tried it, it seems so peaceful. The boys couldn't hear me, too loud.

The dog is Loud.
Our laughter is Loud. 
The yelling from one room to the next, Loud.
The kids playing. LOUUUUUD!
We sing. Loud.
The washing machine. Loud.
The tantrums.  LOUD!
The lawnmower, yep you guessed it, Loud.

Sometimes, on really good days, we have it all- TV on 86, washer and drying spinning along, Dishwasher swirling, lawn mower humming, and children, living.  Loud.

But in the Loud we can still hear the whispers of God.  I'm so glad it works for Him, because He whispers to me and around me sweet reminders in the midst of our Loud, that He loves us and He is with us, and that Loud is His plan for us. 
Loud.  It's what we do. 
Loud.  It's how we love.
Yeah, we've got that.

Happy LOUD Friday y'all!

1 comment:

  1. and HaPpY LOUD Friday to you!
    loved your loudness and your love... :)


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