Saturday, February 18, 2012

MIA no more!

I hope you noticed I went all MIA last week.  Just humor me while I catch up.  

It's amazing all that can change, happen, be overheard in such a short span of time.  It was just over a week ago I finished a blog, tucked my computer next to the bed and snoozed.  Got up the next morning, and same computer went all blue screen, corrupt drivers- your 2000+ pictures might be gone forever on me.

I planned an overnighter with my honey for Valentines Day- we had a huge adventure planned, to Lynchburg, Va.  (if you don't live 'round here, it's a whopping 40 minute drive) The plan  was to get a good night's sleep, maybe swim, and spend the day at the Love for Life Conference.  When the text came in just before 6:30 a.m. we kind of new it wasn't good.  Kid #2 throwing up.  We stayed to see Jim Bob & Michelle Duggar, and then headed home early.  I keep telling my Kid#2 that I love him and am always going to take care of him, so it seemed fitting to put action to my words.

Did I mention on our way out of town the owner of our home called and asked "would you mind if we put new carpeting throughout the house" uhm, that would be a no.  Plans went into high gear, and whoooosh, they're coming Tuesday to put it in.  

Monday came with a trip to the dentist for me and Shayne.  I got a new crown, Shayne got a tooth pulled.

Insert a master bath remodel that Shayne is taking care of.  Pictures to come.

We had another IEP meeting at the school this week- to discuss some learning struggles my Kid#3 is having.  My stomach tightens everytime I walk into that little conference room.  This time, was different.  It was relaxed, almost fun.  Laughing, chatting, agreeing.  The school is being quiet pro-active on this.  I am thankful, and a little amazed at the difference in the attitude when academics is the struggle vs. emotional and behavioral struggles.  I guess what is seen and measureable is easier to solve. 

Valentines Day- my sweet honey bought me a red purse, and some jewelry.  Good job baby! It just happened to fall on date night, YAY us, so we got to have dinner out on the most romantic day of the year- dinner shared with Teri & Jay, did I say YAY us?  

Today was Upward Basketball for my boys,  they missed last week due to the throwing up and mommy and daddy out of town and all.  Can I just say, Elijah turned all MBA player on us.  My little man scored 5 baskets, was rebounding like a pro, pivoting with his backside out to protect the ball and playing aggressive defense.  I can't explain it, but it sure was fun to watch.  And no, I don't have pictures, since my camera card was full- and with my dead laptop holding all my pictures I had downloaded, there was no way I was deleting my precious pictures still on the camera.   

This morning Elijah was overheard saying to his Daddy, "we're not bad, we're just disobedient."  Yep, it's true.

But, our biggest struggle, our focus this week is on my 94 yr. old grandmother.  I get to claim her not by birth, but by marriage. Not mine, but my momma's. 

I've had the priviledge of loving her for more than two decades and she is a precious lady who accepted us immediately and has never been anything but kind and gracious and loving and warm.  I love how when she sees me, she takes my hands into hers, smiles and in her soft voice speaks love. 

She's been in the hospital since Monday due to a stroke.  Doctors tell us she won't recover.  She is not herself.  We are sad.  Life is moving on and standing still all at the same time.  

When we visited her tonight, it is obvious the stroke is taking a toll on her.  But, in the midst of it, my mom tells me that every so often she looks up and gets a really big beautiful smile on her face. It's as if she's seeing something or someone that is making her really happy.  
I can't help but wonder if she is seeing a glimpse of her reward. 
A glimpse of her husband. 
A glimpse of heaven.
A glimpse of her Savior. 

I think I'll go with that. 

Happy Saturday nite y'all.


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