Tuesday, February 7, 2012

God's Purposes!

We are seven days in to our new adventure.  The one where we pulled Elijah out of public school.  We could name oh so many reasons, but the most important one for us was the fact he needed more than they could give.  We jumped because it was the right thing for our son. 

I may have mentioned we were a bit scared to make that jump.  But as we prayed about it, and talked it to death- like we tend to do everything- I realized this wasn't really a quick decision.  I could go back to the first week of Kindergarten- to my front porch with the sun shining and the first call from 561-8165.  The moment when his first public school teacher in total frustration told me she didn't know what to do with him.  This decision process started then, we just didn't know it.  Every phone call, every meeting, every tear, every tantrum, every note, every incident report, report card, and suspension was part of God's plan to get us here. 

God wasn't just working out his plan in our life, he was working a few miles away in my sister's life.  We talked about her prayer for purpose.  We talked about my son.  We shared many a conversation and didn't dream that God's purposes would be the same answer to both of our prayers.

Since I told the school we were pulling Elijah out, we haven't had a single phone call.  I probably shouldn't have said out loud to a friend that it felt a little like withdrawal.  Calls from the school, IEP meetings, notes, problem solving, calls, calls, calls had become part of our daily lives.  It felt strange- but sooooooo wonderful to go all day, for several days without any of those things. 

Yesterday, we had a scheduled parent teacher conference for Isaiah.  We had planned to go together, but since little man had been up since 1am throwing up, Rex stayed with him and I went alone.  It was supposed to be a repeat of the first one several months ago.  The one where the teacher bragged on him, and told us what a delight he is.  Confessed she wanted to "eat him up" and told us he was doing well.  She admitted that he definitely needs the sensory breaks and OT he's getting during the day, but doing good- no real concerns.   

I was expecting good things.  I was caught a little off-guard when his teacher and Special Ed Case Manager immediately started with their concerns.  He is still great and wonderful and obviously loved and adored by his teachers, but my little man is struggling.  Not with behavior- with learning.  He is frustrated and embarrassed and is shutting down in the classroom.  He isn't "getting it" and he knows that everyone else is.  The meetings begin again.  Thursday.  
It is already obvious to us, that strategizing and solving for educational or learning disabilities will be easier than emotional disabilities. Even with the eagerness of the school to jump right on this, I am a little scared.  The what if's have started and I'm concerned for my baby.  But, even in my fear,  I'm thankful that we are going to battle for one son at a time- since God's purposes have my children exactly where they are supposed to be.

Happy Tuesday y'all!

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  1. I can help you with the learning disabilities. We have gone through so much with Trevor. I have the perfect person to help you start to learn and see exactly what his disability is. I had no idea what Trevor's were until we had him tested. Call me and I can give you the information. Trevor has overcome just about every disability he had. We alot of work, you will succeed. Do more than the school offers.


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