Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Girls Night Live!

I love surprises.  Especially the ones you don't see coming.

Before Valentine's Day, I was talking to Teri what she might be getting. She is my practical friend.  So, since we're all going on vacation together for Spring break there wasn't supposed to be presents in the Nance house.   

We all went to dinner  Valentine's night and I asked her if he had listened to her.  He had.  

Fast forward a few days later, and I got a rather late night phone call.  Well, it really wasn't that late, but we had already gone to bed around 9pm, which is rare, so it seemed late.  And that really adds no value to this tale.

Teri called to tell me that JJ had in fact ignored her direction and got her a Valentine's present.  Of course, I asked "what did he get you?" 

"a date with you" she said.

Yes, sirree.  JJ bought Teri not one, but two tickets to the Girls Night Live concert.  Sorry Teri, but I'm so glad he didn't listen to you.  

This past Sunday was concert night. (yes, I know this post is a little late)

My sweet husband watched the boys and sent me off on a date with Teri.  Thanks honey!

Teri & Me, 2/26/12

There were men. 
About 5.  These brave men were either tricked or just broke bad and showed up.  I am glad JJ didn't know he could get away with that.  If he had any idea I'm pretty sure he'd gone on the date with his wife and I'd been left at home to finish painting the kids room and putting our house back in order. 

There was an inside joke.  
Because I am a rule follower, I did as Sammy asked, and said to the only male working Mandisa's merchandise table "You're the man"  and based on his expression, which screamed that he was speechless and clueless, I'm thinking I might have been the first.  I wonder, did they ever let him in on the joke? 

There was worship. 
I've posted Laura Story's Blessings on my blog before.  Her song just speaks to me.  To hear her tell the story behind the song was awesome.  She is cute and transparent and as down to earth as anyone I've ever seen in concert.  And, she reminded us that probably most of the "girls" there would agree our lives aren't exactly how we expected.  But knowing God is directing every step of our journey allows us to find the blessings in the rain, tears and circumstances we might miss without knowing Him. 

There was dancing.
Mandisa can move.  She brought so much energy to worship.  So could Kelli, one of the winners who got to dance on stage with Mandisa.  I can not lie.  I can not dance, not even to Zumba.  I confessed to Teri on the way home that I might need to invest in some lessons for the sake of my sons. 

There was bad pictures.
No, I didn't take my new camera.  No, I can't explain why. I tried to take pictures on my cell phone- not pretty. 

There was chocolate & Diet Coke.  

JJ treated us to a night of worshipping our Jesus together.  Jesus melted our faces Sunday night.  

Thanks to my "concert special" sold to me from "the man" I've been jamming with Mandisa and praising along with Laura for days now- and my face continues to melt :)  

I was excited to get a late Valentine's present from my best friends hubby.   Have I said Thanks Jay? 
Thanks, Jay!  


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