Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Wrapping up Christmas... a little late.

It's 2012. 

The Christmas decorations are down and packed away. 
The fudge is gone. 
The leftovers dwindling. 
Kids back to school. 
Upwards basketball in full swing.
Work schedules back to normal. 
Meetings at school.

Everything is getting back on track except my creativity.  Call it writers block. 

So, like the gifts given in love, I'm wrapping up the Christmas season blog with photos.  A look inside Christmas morning and the celebrations that continued until midnight December 31, 2011.
We are blessed way more than we deserve to have so many people in our lives to love on, spend time with and and be loved by. 

(disclaimer and apology to the Allen family- somehow I failed to get a single photo of our Christmas. Sigh!)

Happy almost wordless Wednesday, y'all!

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