Monday, January 16, 2012

Pain Free and Counting Thanks

I've been dreading today since Thanksgiving day.  That was the day I swallowed 1/2 of my tooth, broken somewhere between the turkey and second piece of pie.  I've known that today was coming. 

Yes people, today was a trip to The Dentist!  (insert Home Alone's famous  aaaaaaaaaah!)

Not just any appointment, my very first ever root canal.  Oh, they told me it wouldn't be bad.  "just like a filling" they said. 

I didn't believe them. 

So, last Monday the countdown began and for the last week I've been planning for the worst.

It started easy enough.  A little topical lidocain.  Not only did I NOT feel the needle to numb me, I didn't even feel my throat (swallowing the topical was a bad idea). 

They even gave me these cool rose-colored glasses.  Well, gave is a strong word, loaned me to protect me from the laser.  Laser?! Is that smoke, what's that smell?  No, don't tell me.
When I got cold and shivered, they gave me a blankie to keep me warm.  I might have fallen asleep, except I was distracted- I was waiting. 

I waited.  

And waited. 

And waited. 

I waited for the moment I would feel the pain and I would say,"I knew it"  but it never came.  Three hours in that chair today and I never felt pain. Nope, not for one second. 

And while I was waiting, I couldn't help but think about how much wasted energy on the dread and fear of the pain that never came. Silly Robin! 

Here I sit 10 hours later and except for the headache and soreness it really wasn't any different than a filling. 

So, a little shout out to Dr. McCuin and his staff, who continue to amaze me with the great job they do, and do it pain free! 

If you need a great dentist give them a call, and be sure and tell them Robin sent you.

For this pain free appointment, and  a lot more, I'm still counting thanks...
1000 Gifts #631 - 646

flexible work schedules for hubby+ Monday morning coffee with Leahanne+ grandma pictures+ new bible study- James here I come+ google and research at my fingertips+ sister chats+ prayers of friends, some met and some unmet+ camera sharing cousins+ strangers who understand my life+ hope in tangible offers+ new freezer+ stocked freezer+ a day off just because+ new rings that fit+ kids that sleep past 10 am (well, at least once)

Happy Monday y'all!

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