Monday, January 30, 2012

New is Good.

Don't you just love new things?  The smell of a new car or a new purse.  The excitement of a new job.  New houses, new socks.  The new roll of toilet paper.  New is  good. Fun. 

I didn't get any of those new things - unless you count the toilet paper.  But we have experienced several other "new" blessings this week.

Our new great nephew- Peyton.  Oh, how precious.

My new camera- oh yeah.  Canon EOS Rebel T3... I was patient- and waited. and waited. and waited for more than a year to splurge on the camera.  So excited to take pictures of my kids in action, in the gym, in an auditorium, in the dark and be able to see them.  Expect an Upward blog real soon.

I got a new pair of shoes bought on a whim since the ones I was wearing Friday came apart while I was walking to my car.  I tried the new flavor of coffee at Sheetz (not a fan) and prepared a new comfort food recipe. 

But the best new of all this week..... (drum roll)

Has to be the new beginning for my little guy.

His face sums up how we're all feeling about this new adventure. 

I know he's nervous about the change.  I know he will miss his friends.  I know this is going to be good for him. 

I asked him this morning on the way to home-school if he was scared about anything. His oh so funny reply-

"I'm a little scared the work will be hard.  What if she (Aunt Nae) tricks me and gives me 2nd grade work?"

There are no tricks here, baby.  Just blessing.

I know how blessed we are as a family that my sister loves us so much she would offer to help us home-school our son.  To give of her time so we can give Elijah what he needs- more time.  To be the open door we prayed for.  We don't take this gift for granted. 

For this I am thankful, and so much more.

1000 Gifts #659-671

little boys up early and dressed on their own
fun chat with expectant parents, before the pain of labor began
lunch with my sis and talk of home school curriculum's
my own milkman delivery right to my kitchen
happy made up songs sung by little people
a night out with my man
baby boy born healthy in the early morning hours
new camera to capture life's fleeting moments
first days
afternoon delights
relaxed Friday night dinner with friends so dear (we love you Hasson's, Holland's & Nance's)

What 'ya thankful for?

Happy Monday y'all!

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