Monday, January 23, 2012


I prayed all the way to work this morning.  Knowing we were getting ready to jump, I knew several conversations would take place today. If all went perfect they would still be a little uncomfortable.  I needed God's strength. 

The decision has been made.  We've talked about it with the kids.  We are excited.

Then, I got scared. 

What if we're wrong.  What if... what if... what if?

I called the number 561-8165 and requested a meeting with the principal.  I faxed the Notice of Intent to the Superintendent.

I prayed again.

A few hours later my phone rang.  561-8165 displayed and I knew this was the first of the uncomfortable conversations of the day.  It was the principal calling.

I took a deep breath and let her know that we were taking Elijah out of public school.  I told her God has opened the door for us to home-school. We, as parents have to put his needs first.  We believe know that he needs 1:1 attention and instruction; and frankly they are not able, or willing to give him that.  I said it out loud.  This is decided. The conversation went well. 

A few minutes later 561-8165 displayed again.  The second uncomfortable conversation of the day.  It was his teacher calling.  She understood, and was somewhat encouraging.   She agreed to help him this week as we talk about the transition.  I made adventure cards for him to give his friends tomorrow.  She agreed to a special treat for his classroom to share Friday.

A couple hours later 561-8165 displayed for the third and last time today.  I needed to let Isaiah's teacher know what was coming.  This could be a little complicated- Isaiah is staying in public school, Elijah is not. Making them both feel confident and excited about very different school settings.  Remembering Isaiah not handling going to school alone during Elijah's suspension, we agreed he will most likely try all sorts of things to get "home" too.  She is up for the challenge and very encouraging.  

I hung up the phone, feeling like the world lost about 1000 million pounds.  I call it Hope. 

Emotions are mixed.  We still need to hear from the Superintendent but so far no one is begging us to change our minds. 

Knowing every change completely destroys any semblance of order and sends my kids spiraling, we are fully aware this will not be easy.  Next week will be a little tricky, but new.  The next month will be tumultuous.  Team Home School, which includes Aunt Nae (our God given open door) is up for the challenge.  God is faithful and we believe this will only bring good things for Elijah and his healing. 

Since everything we've done for the last five years has been met with criticism from someone we expected criticism everytime we shared our decision.  But so far everyone has been supportive.  It's like God keeps using people to remind us this is His plan.

Joy is in the obedience! 

Ready, Set, JUMP!

1000 Gifts #647-658

open doors and now two schooled at home
6 year old smiles
basketball games X2 on an early Saturday morning
Grandma Treva home from hospital
the refreshingly perky nurse taking care of her
anticipated arrivals of baby boys dear (Peyton, I'm talking about you!)
dead mice in traps
Aunt Nae's purpose
one thing in sky, one from memory, one ugly-beautiful
cold rain not freezing, first kiss with my man oh so many years ago, watching my sons dance in the living room

Happy Monday y'all!

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