Monday, January 30, 2012

New is Good.

Don't you just love new things?  The smell of a new car or a new purse.  The excitement of a new job.  New houses, new socks.  The new roll of toilet paper.  New is  good. Fun. 

I didn't get any of those new things - unless you count the toilet paper.  But we have experienced several other "new" blessings this week.

Our new great nephew- Peyton.  Oh, how precious.

My new camera- oh yeah.  Canon EOS Rebel T3... I was patient- and waited. and waited. and waited for more than a year to splurge on the camera.  So excited to take pictures of my kids in action, in the gym, in an auditorium, in the dark and be able to see them.  Expect an Upward blog real soon.

I got a new pair of shoes bought on a whim since the ones I was wearing Friday came apart while I was walking to my car.  I tried the new flavor of coffee at Sheetz (not a fan) and prepared a new comfort food recipe. 

But the best new of all this week..... (drum roll)

Has to be the new beginning for my little guy.

His face sums up how we're all feeling about this new adventure. 

I know he's nervous about the change.  I know he will miss his friends.  I know this is going to be good for him. 

I asked him this morning on the way to home-school if he was scared about anything. His oh so funny reply-

"I'm a little scared the work will be hard.  What if she (Aunt Nae) tricks me and gives me 2nd grade work?"

There are no tricks here, baby.  Just blessing.

I know how blessed we are as a family that my sister loves us so much she would offer to help us home-school our son.  To give of her time so we can give Elijah what he needs- more time.  To be the open door we prayed for.  We don't take this gift for granted. 

For this I am thankful, and so much more.

1000 Gifts #659-671

little boys up early and dressed on their own
fun chat with expectant parents, before the pain of labor began
lunch with my sis and talk of home school curriculum's
my own milkman delivery right to my kitchen
happy made up songs sung by little people
a night out with my man
baby boy born healthy in the early morning hours
new camera to capture life's fleeting moments
first days
afternoon delights
relaxed Friday night dinner with friends so dear (we love you Hasson's, Holland's & Nance's)

What 'ya thankful for?

Happy Monday y'all!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Welcome Peyton!

These tiny little  piggies....

belong to this sweet baby boy......

and his family couldn't be happier......

We love you Peyton!

Happy Thursday y'all!

Monday, January 23, 2012


I prayed all the way to work this morning.  Knowing we were getting ready to jump, I knew several conversations would take place today. If all went perfect they would still be a little uncomfortable.  I needed God's strength. 

The decision has been made.  We've talked about it with the kids.  We are excited.

Then, I got scared. 

What if we're wrong.  What if... what if... what if?

I called the number 561-8165 and requested a meeting with the principal.  I faxed the Notice of Intent to the Superintendent.

I prayed again.

A few hours later my phone rang.  561-8165 displayed and I knew this was the first of the uncomfortable conversations of the day.  It was the principal calling.

I took a deep breath and let her know that we were taking Elijah out of public school.  I told her God has opened the door for us to home-school. We, as parents have to put his needs first.  We believe know that he needs 1:1 attention and instruction; and frankly they are not able, or willing to give him that.  I said it out loud.  This is decided. The conversation went well. 

A few minutes later 561-8165 displayed again.  The second uncomfortable conversation of the day.  It was his teacher calling.  She understood, and was somewhat encouraging.   She agreed to help him this week as we talk about the transition.  I made adventure cards for him to give his friends tomorrow.  She agreed to a special treat for his classroom to share Friday.

A couple hours later 561-8165 displayed for the third and last time today.  I needed to let Isaiah's teacher know what was coming.  This could be a little complicated- Isaiah is staying in public school, Elijah is not. Making them both feel confident and excited about very different school settings.  Remembering Isaiah not handling going to school alone during Elijah's suspension, we agreed he will most likely try all sorts of things to get "home" too.  She is up for the challenge and very encouraging.  

I hung up the phone, feeling like the world lost about 1000 million pounds.  I call it Hope. 

Emotions are mixed.  We still need to hear from the Superintendent but so far no one is begging us to change our minds. 

Knowing every change completely destroys any semblance of order and sends my kids spiraling, we are fully aware this will not be easy.  Next week will be a little tricky, but new.  The next month will be tumultuous.  Team Home School, which includes Aunt Nae (our God given open door) is up for the challenge.  God is faithful and we believe this will only bring good things for Elijah and his healing. 

Since everything we've done for the last five years has been met with criticism from someone we expected criticism everytime we shared our decision.  But so far everyone has been supportive.  It's like God keeps using people to remind us this is His plan.

Joy is in the obedience! 

Ready, Set, JUMP!

1000 Gifts #647-658

open doors and now two schooled at home
6 year old smiles
basketball games X2 on an early Saturday morning
Grandma Treva home from hospital
the refreshingly perky nurse taking care of her
anticipated arrivals of baby boys dear (Peyton, I'm talking about you!)
dead mice in traps
Aunt Nae's purpose
one thing in sky, one from memory, one ugly-beautiful
cold rain not freezing, first kiss with my man oh so many years ago, watching my sons dance in the living room

Happy Monday y'all!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

In Stitches all Day!

Some days our kids keep us laughing. 

It started on the way to church this morning. 
A song came on the radio and Elijah asked-

Mommy, is that the brown guy that you exercise with singing?


when did I exercise with a brown guy? 

I repeated it back to him...
he maintained it was true.
I had no clue what he was talking about.

Rex asked if there was something I wanted to tell him.

My mind was searching for what could possibly be talking about because

I do not exercise. 

Brown guy??

We started a game of 20 questions
- when was this
- where was this
- do you know his name?

Elijah added that the brown guy looked like him only taller.
 hmmm, not much help there.

Rex is loving this and I'm starting to think I'm loosing my mind. 
My boys have a way of making me question that often.
And then we figured it out. 

Last year for our choir's open house I had agreed to be in a skit. 
With other choir members, including Pete, a frequent soloist for our church. 

Exercising- well that's a bit of a stretch.


A little disturbed that his memory is so much better than ours--- we still cracked up and enjoyed a hearty laugh!  
Here's a few more of the funnies our boys planted in our day:

"For the state of Pete"
Isaiah, do you mean "For Pete's sake", yeah
"For the state of Pete"

Isaiah on hugging his Daddy from behind the couch-
"Daddy, you need hair in the middle too"

When his daddy asked - Isaiah how'd you get so cute?
"God made me that way"
Yes He did!

Happy Sunday y'all!  I hope you too had some laughter planted throughout your day. 

Friday, January 20, 2012

Five Minute Friday: Vivid

When our youngest boys came to our home, we spent many a night in their room. In their dark room.   I'd love to say it was peaceful and quiet; but most nights where full of tears, fears and much like a game of whack -a- mole.  I'd get one back to sleep, and the other would wake up crying.  It was not unusual to spend 3-4 hours in their room in any given night. And it seemed the last one to doze back off was always the baby. 

His beautiful skin melted into the darkness, but as I rocked Isaiah in the pitch black night, the vivid white of his eyes stared back at me. 

Who knew all the color he and his brother would bring to us- my little brown babies and those beautiful VIVID bright eyes.  

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Happy Friday Y'all!


Thursday, January 19, 2012

On Obedience and Joy and Wisdom and James!

So my man and I've been a bit burdened lately (can you imagine) about a pretty big decision we're tossing around, praying about, researching and scared to death to Just Do it for our middle child. 

We are at the waters edge.  Looking into the beautiful calm waters that taunt us, it looks so peaceful and inviting but can I just say I'm scared.  I fear that as soon as we jump in- those waters will turn into rapids and and pull us to the bottom, drowning us in our own bad choice.

So you can understand how this ties together with my catchy title. enter a simple question from my friend Cheryl asking if I was going to our women's bible study that was getting ready to start.  That was last Tuesday. 

I desperately need to connect with other women; but I knew my boys need me at home to keep them on schedule.  When Rex offered to take home duty so I could go, I was left without excuse.

As God does in His "I love 'ya kid" kind of way He put me smack dab where I needed to be.  In Beth Moore's study on James,  James Mercy Triumphs.   I fought tears throughout the first session- yes, it was the introduction, so what.  And this week, focused on James 1:1 for the entire session, God  spoke to me.  As Beth was closing this week's session she made the comment "the key to joy is in obedience." 

I knew that.  I knew that when we said yes and opened our home to love little people.
But I forgot.
And now, God is reminding me that the joy is in obedience.  Which leaves me to wonder if our big decision is obedience.... or selfish... or pure exhaustion and frustration and running from the war zone?  (see combat boots post)

I don't know for sure yet- but I know that God said if you want wisdom, ask Him for it. 
So we're asking Him. 
We are dangling our toes in that water and checking out the current. 
And whether it remains calm or turns rapid or matters not.  If God says jump, we are jumping!

More to come y'all.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Pain Free and Counting Thanks

I've been dreading today since Thanksgiving day.  That was the day I swallowed 1/2 of my tooth, broken somewhere between the turkey and second piece of pie.  I've known that today was coming. 

Yes people, today was a trip to The Dentist!  (insert Home Alone's famous  aaaaaaaaaah!)

Not just any appointment, my very first ever root canal.  Oh, they told me it wouldn't be bad.  "just like a filling" they said. 

I didn't believe them. 

So, last Monday the countdown began and for the last week I've been planning for the worst.

It started easy enough.  A little topical lidocain.  Not only did I NOT feel the needle to numb me, I didn't even feel my throat (swallowing the topical was a bad idea). 

They even gave me these cool rose-colored glasses.  Well, gave is a strong word, loaned me to protect me from the laser.  Laser?! Is that smoke, what's that smell?  No, don't tell me.
When I got cold and shivered, they gave me a blankie to keep me warm.  I might have fallen asleep, except I was distracted- I was waiting. 

I waited.  

And waited. 

And waited. 

I waited for the moment I would feel the pain and I would say,"I knew it"  but it never came.  Three hours in that chair today and I never felt pain. Nope, not for one second. 

And while I was waiting, I couldn't help but think about how much wasted energy on the dread and fear of the pain that never came. Silly Robin! 

Here I sit 10 hours later and except for the headache and soreness it really wasn't any different than a filling. 

So, a little shout out to Dr. McCuin and his staff, who continue to amaze me with the great job they do, and do it pain free! 

If you need a great dentist give them a call, and be sure and tell them Robin sent you.

For this pain free appointment, and  a lot more, I'm still counting thanks...
1000 Gifts #631 - 646

flexible work schedules for hubby+ Monday morning coffee with Leahanne+ grandma pictures+ new bible study- James here I come+ google and research at my fingertips+ sister chats+ prayers of friends, some met and some unmet+ camera sharing cousins+ strangers who understand my life+ hope in tangible offers+ new freezer+ stocked freezer+ a day off just because+ new rings that fit+ kids that sleep past 10 am (well, at least once)

Happy Monday y'all!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Five Minute Friday: Awake!

It's 4 am and the alarm is beeping.  I do not want to be awake.  I am annoyed.  I slap the snooze. This alarm is for my man. 

I sleep.  It's 5 am and the alarm is beeping.  I do not want to be awake.  I am annoyed.  I slap the snooze.  This alarm is for me.  I slap the snooze.  I slap the snooze. 

It is 5:30, the alarm is persistent.  It beeps.  I reset it for 6:30 am.  I am off today.  I sleep. 

It is 6:30 and the alarm is beeping.  I notice I'm no longer alone in my bed.  My 5 year old, he is awake and hungry and wants to play.  Just a little longer.  I reset it for 7am. 

It is 7:00 am and the alram is beeping.  I remember I promised to wake up my teenager for work.  I can't put if off any more. No more snooze. 
I turn off the annoying beeping and sit up, with attitude.  I am not perky.  

The warm shower runs over me.  The smell of the shampoo and soap mingle with the steam and my senses begin to wake up.  The smell of coffee makes it way from the kitchen.

Slowly, my body, brain and soul wake up.  And even tho just a few minutes ago I was annoyed and wishing I could stay hidden and warm underneath my kid messy chocolate fingers covered quilt, I am now happy to be awake.  To be alive.  To have another day to enjoy all that life throws at me. 

Awake is good.

On Friday I join Lisa-Jo over at thegypsymama for Five Minute Friday. She prompts us with a one word topic, and we stop, drop and write. We write bold and beautiful and free. Unscripted and unedited. We just write without worrying if it's just right or not.

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Happy Friday Y'all!

Monday, January 9, 2012


Thirty three years ago I made a decision.

I grew up hearing stories about a man.  A man named Jesus.  And His Daddy, God.  And my comforter, the Holy Spirit.

I heard how He turned water into wine; brought the dead to life, walked on water, calmed the seas. 

I heard how He was born as a tiny baby.  I heard how He grew, how He taught in the temple at a young age; how He drove the money changers out of His house. I heard how He cried.

I heard how He chose to willingly give His life for my sins.  He prayed to the point of sweating blood.  He carried His own cross.  He was beaten beyond recognition.  He was nailed to a cross. 

I heard how He stayed in that grave for just a while, and on the third day He rose up from the dead. 

I heard bible verses.

Verses in Romans 3 that told me ALL were sinners.  That meant me.

Verses in John 3 that told me God loved ALL.  That meant me.

For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten son, that whoever believes in Him  should not perish, but have everlasting life.  John 3:16

I heard.  I believed.  I am saved. 

I'm not saved because of anything I did, do, or will ever do.  I'm saved because of Jesus' blood shed for me.  He paid the price for my sin (and yours too, you're part of the ALL)

And 33 years later it's still the best decision I ever made.

So on this particular thankful Monday I'm thankful for true stories, saving grace, faith and the promise of spending eternity worshipping the One who gave His all for me.

Thank you Jesus- I love you!

Happy Monday y'all.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Wrapping up Christmas... a little late.

It's 2012. 

The Christmas decorations are down and packed away. 
The fudge is gone. 
The leftovers dwindling. 
Kids back to school. 
Upwards basketball in full swing.
Work schedules back to normal. 
Meetings at school.

Everything is getting back on track except my creativity.  Call it writers block. 

So, like the gifts given in love, I'm wrapping up the Christmas season blog with photos.  A look inside Christmas morning and the celebrations that continued until midnight December 31, 2011.
We are blessed way more than we deserve to have so many people in our lives to love on, spend time with and and be loved by. 

(disclaimer and apology to the Allen family- somehow I failed to get a single photo of our Christmas. Sigh!)

Happy almost wordless Wednesday, y'all!
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