Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Momma(s) and Traditions

In less than 1 hour, (sigh) I will log onto my work computer and get back to work.  Well, the work I get a paycheck for, anyway.  I'm finishing up a four day weekend. 
 Friday night was rainy and cold, so Chinese food and staying inside for the night was in order.

Saturday, me and my man enjoyed a date morning. First, we had breakfast at the Dogwood in Vinton, where we hadn't eaten in years, the memories!  Then, we shopped most of the day before heading home to chill out with the kids.  We finished our day enjoying having Keith, Jill and Brian for dinner ( no salsa to be found) and coffee and laughing out loud and dozing on the couch. 

I've mentioned before, my mother-in-law is aging so the holiday traditions for the Allen's continue to change a bit.  One of those traditions- potato candy.  Pinwheels.  Whatever you call them, it's 2lbs of sweet with a little bit of peanut butter rolled into yummy goodness.   When my mom-in-law who has made these forever mentioned to my man she couldn't remember "that candy" she used to make, I decided it was time for intervention.  I googled the recipe and called and asked her if she'd help me and she graciously agreed. Then I had an even grander idea.  I hadn't Christmas baked (or candy made) with my momma in years so I gave her a call, and she graciously agreed.

Sunday- me and my mommas tore up the kitchen.    We were a mess great team.  My momma recovering from hand surgery was in charge of the mixer.  Since Grandma can't see very well, I helped her in sizing the Oreo truffle balls.  It was fun, people.

I would glance over at my man every once in a while and catch him watching his momma.  This woman who for years has been the center of all things Allen. The woman who truly has taught me to "just accept 'em the way they are" the woman who decided sitting on my trash can was a perfect seat for her. Yep, perched herself right on top of the can.  And when we told her we'd get her a better seat, asked Why, am I hurting it?"

We finished up the day making sugar cookies with the boys.  Spending time together in the kitchen  was a great new tradition for us and I hope it will continue for many years.    Regardless, I will treasure this one forever.  And the cookies, Pinwheels and Oreo Truffles are being treasured too! 

Monday we took the kids to see Santa.  Not the "real" one downtown who plays the guitar and teaches the kids about loving others and giving gifts of time.  He was off ????
So we went to see one of his helpers at the mall.  Since one 5x7 photo was $22.99 and they won't let me take my own picture, we don't have the obligatory kids sitting in Santa's lap picture proof of the visit.  But, Santa made sure I knew that Isaiah asked for a puppy!  Later that night, we went to see the lights at the Elks home in Bedford.  Driving through didn't seem to take nearly as long as when we were younger but were still magical for my little guys.  I kept telling Shayne it's not really the lights, but the memories we're making- the traditions.

Elijah & Isaiah after visiting Santa

The phone call from a friend asking asking if we'd sent out our cards yet was the motivation I needed to finally get them addressed and in the mail yesterday.  Rex had to work, so I took Shayne and his brothers to lunch and later cleaned out their toy boxes.  The rest of the day we just chilled and continued to enjoy the lights, tastes and smells of Christmas!

Now, back to work!

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  1. It sounds great - - I'm so sorry I missed all of it!! I hope today goes smoothly for you...


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