Thursday, November 10, 2011

More than One Way to Exercise

We joined the gym a couple months ago.  I need to loose post-hysterectomy weight gain. 
 I'm not bitter.
The plan was to take our guys and let them play XBox 360 in the childcare area while we worked out. Since my friend Vertigo is still standing by me faithfully, I have not been real enthusiastic about moving around a gym.    
Add to that the real life puzzle of schedules, I confess we hadn't actually walked in the place since paying our fees.  Getting more eager to get there and get busy, after the last few weeks of exhausting dealings with the school (note- the absence of blogging time) I was afraid that should my guys have an off day while there, the Botetourt Athletic Club (BAC) might ask me not to bring my boys back. 

 The same stressful weeks had me thinking some time in the steam room would be good mental therapy so I finally got my nerve up and took my guys to the gym.

I dropped the eager beavers off and headed to the pool.  I figure swimming is the the safest thing to do, and I do love it.  Warned against underwater flips, which is not as much fun but necessary in order to maintain a sense of balance out of the water, I was ready. 

I kept noticing, posted all over the gym signs about being the first to swim 100 miles by December.

  Hmmmm.  Yes, it started in September, but I was only a couple months behind so I was feeling confident I could catch up, if not win the prize.

I jumped in the pool and started swimming.  2 laps, 3 laps.  Cardio- check yep, heart racing.  4 laps.  6 laps.  Piece of cake. 
It was about now, I realized I had no idea how many laps equaled 1 mile.  I was sure I was getting close, so I made the mistake of asking the pool guy the question.

How many laps is a mile, I cheerfully asked.
I think 70, let me check. 


Oh, it's 35 he replied- down and back.


I was at 3.  
I reassessed.

A worthy goal, I decided would be about 10, or 5. This is so confusing. 

Janice H. you were my inspiration, so I kept going. 

My heart pounding and head swimming, I proudly finished up the day with 4 round trip laps, that's 8 lengths of the pool, and headed to the steam room.  

 I obviously won't be finishing the 100 mile challenge. Who needs a prize, it's probably some silly gym bag or water bottle anyway.

This exercise, I have mastered.

And, in case you are wondering- my boys loved playing the games and keep asking when we can go back.  At least so far, the BAC is happy to have them.
Happy Thursday y'all!

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