Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Date Night # A lot...

For about a year now, Tuesday night has become precious, guarded and a very scheduled date night for us.  We learned the hard way that we have to get away and focus on each other, even when the demands of our kids tempt us otherwise.  Many nights, we have dinner and end up running errands, and discussing serious stuff.  Probably not the best use of time alone, but it works for us.  Every once in a while we sneak in a visit with family or friends that we miss having uninterrupted conversations with.

After dinner at canes & walkers (K&W).  We ran into Brad, Missy & Olivia and had a great catch up chat.  Then we stopped by NTelos to have my phone replaced.  That's when it got silly.  

Who says big people, old people mommies & daddy's can't have fun too?  I still adore this man!

 Mom Idea to share:  while we were playing we got some great deals on costumes, hats, wigs and miscellaneous accessories for Santa.  He'll be bringing an "Imagination Station" (dress up box) for one of the boys' Christmas presents! 

Happy Tuesday Y'all!

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