Thursday, October 20, 2011

History Makers

561-8165- on my blackberry is never good.

hhhhhellllooo- as if saying it real slow would change the reality. 

"Mrs. Allen- I hate to have to call you today"


So far, this has been a fairly normal daily call from the school- what came next, well that's where the history making comes in.


Exactly what does "out of control" mean? Oh, you're not sure.  You need more details- I see.  But my boys are in your office and we need to come get them.  Okay.  

Yes my friends.  My boys are the first two kids to be "kicked off" the special ed (small) bus.  Makes a momma proud. (insert sarcastic look)  

The driver - not sweet morning driver- returned them to the school after hardly getting to the end of the street. 

Kicked them right off. 

Seems she felt it was "unsafe" to proceed any further.  Mind you, these aren't big brawny teenagers- they are 5 and 6 year old little boys.

This is such a first, the assistant principal didn't even know how to handle the "one-day suspension" that is supposed to follow being kicked off a bus.  In her own words, "I've never had a child that had to be removed from the special ed bus before."

I sat at my desk, stunned by what I was hearing. 
Do I laugh? 
Do I cry? 
I hung up the phone and literally paced the hallway.  
Never have I felt so helpless. 
I don't know what to do.

Everything I believe to be true in parenting is turned upside down every time 561- 8165 flashes on my caller ID.

Several conversations later and we're still unclear on today's reality.  Even got the Special Education Transportation Supervisor trying to figure out exactly what happened.  The stories are a little, well miss-matched if you will. 

According to my kids, one buckled his seat belt into the empty buckle next to him, and the other was, in his own words, "singing from my lung"

Allen's = history makers.
Perhaps this is why the chiropractor thinks I'm tight as a snare drum and keeps reminding me to relax.  Sad, when you can't relax during a chiropractic adjustment.  Think I need the e-stim and roller bed to go.

I'm heading off to bed.  I've got to pray up and rest up for the promised phone calls tomorrow. 
Nightie Nite!

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