Friday, October 28, 2011

Five Minute Friday: Relevant


Today's topic is relevant.  I am not sure about this one but committed to just start writing.  First, it's the rules for 5Minute Friday, and secondly because it's what I love to do. 
I have to tell you tho' my mind is till circling the late night visit to the ER and thinking WHAT HAPPENED?  One minute things were normal and the next everything with Isaiah was off. Our gut told us something was wrong, but our brains told us we were over-reacting.  Upon arriving at the ER, one look from the triage nurse at our kindergartner sent her running down the hall.  A Dr.  returned with her immediately.  I commented that his quick presence was concerning- he commented that with non-responsive little ones, they come quick. 

Isaiah's actions last night were relevant to the concerns.  Take one of his bizarre behaviors alone, and we wouldn't have given it a second thought- but together, the relevance to a possible emergency was obvious. And real.

We left the ER with a mystery to solve. Thankful, but still concerned. 

Some days, I go to bed scratching my head wondering WHAT HAPPENED?

When I look at the bits and pieces individually, they don't always seem relevant. But, when I take all the moments, all the pieces together they become very relevant to the bigger picture.   

All the moments are the threads in the tapestry God is weaving in the lives of the 5ALLENZ, and they are all relevant to the beautiful work He is doing.  Even, when we just see the underside- the mess, the scary emergency.


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Happy Friday Y'all!

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