Friday, October 21, 2011

Five Minute Friday: Beyond


I like spending time there, when I'm intentional about seeing it.  I could easily get stuck in the right here.  Right here appears ugly.  It appears impossible.  It appears unlovable.  It appears unwanted.  Right here is almost too hard.  Right hear is sometimes disappointing and always exhausting.  But right here is an illusion to what is Beyond.  Beyond the right here, is love that the world can't understand.  Beyond the calls from 561-8165, beyond the tantrums and the tears, Beyond the chaos is a hope and a future. Beyond what looks like the impossible is the belief that God is working all things for His glory.  That He is going to heal the hurts and one day, Beyond the right now we'll laugh about struggles in the right here. Sometimes, we already do.  Sometimes I see the life and the light in the smiles and the eyes of my family.  I hear the joy.  I get a glimpse of Beyond.  But sometimes, I get stuck in the right here, in the gunk of the realities of our choices.  But, Beyond - Beyond what y'all can see when you look in,  is a beautiful tapestry of God weaving pasts and futures, hurt and healing, brown and white, young and old.  And Beyond the right here is forever.  Forever with my Savior, who already bore all this for me.  I think I'll look Beyond today.


I'm linking up to Lisa Jo- at - it's where those of us who love to write, take five minutes and just go with the topic.  No editing.  No rules.  Just 5 minutes of freedom.  Click on over for more 5 minute breaks!

Happy Friday y'all.  Go Beyond.


  1. hi! reading you from the gypsy mama...

    I am learning so much about the "intentional" piece of living. it opens up so much, doesn't it? Helps me stay "beyond" the present moment as you describe...

    Happy Friday! ~ Tara

  2. I came here from Gypsy Mama, and could so relate to your "beyonds" . . . esp., That He is going to heal the hurts and one day,

    Ohhh what hope!

    And I was blessed reading your profile. What a story of your boys! I am a mom of a dozen children, and never imagined my life as it is, and know what a blessing, but as an adopted adult child too - I know how important it is for Christian families to adopted children and love them unconditionally. May you be blessed as you put so much into those three precious boys!


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