Thursday, September 15, 2011


After taking Shayne for his post-op appointment this morning I opted not to take a lunch.
Rex and Shayne headed out in their "comfy" attire to Buffalo Wild Wings. 

When they returned, they handed me a beautiful gold bag with KAY JEWELERS stamped on it.  Hmmm... you can't get wings at Kay's. These boys had been up to something.

I wanted to rip open the really pretty gold wrapped box, but I was slowed by the unpleasant call with the Occupation Therapy head honcho for Roanoke County Schools.  (that's a blog for another day)
After hanging up the phone, I looked at my man and asked "What did you do" and then I looked Shayne, and asked "What did he do?"

I was totally surprised to open the box, and find a beautiful Love's Embrace diamond necklace. 
Note- unlike my sister, who if I recall correctly received at least two or three diamond necklaces within a short time span, this is my first ever real one.
Turns out, my man just wanted to thank me for taking care of them the last week or so. 
Really?  It's what I do.

Is that sweet or what?  
and totally unexpected
and unnecessary
and very much appreciated.

I sure wish I could give 'em a big bear hug :) maybe in a few more days; but for today it is true, every Kiss begins with Kay:)

Yep, this one's a keeper.   

A few hours later, my Elijah presented me with another surprise. 
My son had a dress special ordered and hand -made for me. 
or so Ms. Connie tells me.  

Now, what shoes should I wear with this?

Happy Thursday ya'll!

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