Monday, September 5, 2011

Spinning, You Can't Stop This!

Even when my new friend Vertigo (insert sarcastic grin) steals my time and keeps me from Monday posts,  I've still been thanking Jesus for all things, like:

being invited into a friends heart at 3 Lil Pigs

summer rain

momma and son talks

running through the rain with Shayne

standing upright

a hug and "I'm sorry" from Randy's heart

answered prayers and the unanswered

consequences that teach truth

feeling the earth move- what a Mighty God!

Sunday pot-luck dinner and friends round my table


God's second chances, and third, and fourth and more
little people singing praise from the back seat

friends We Miss gathered under shelter, picking up right where we left off
waking up to the sound of rain

days I'm not dizzy

days that I am

forgiveness from my son, again

knowing I am not there, it is only in God's strength I can even go

birthday cupcakes

husband joining for lunch

clean kitchen floor between spins

signs of fall, leaves on ground

baby brother hugs

Angie smiles

siblings 3 giggling at midnight

cheese dip, coffee and chocolate chip cookies

Grandaddy grilling in the rain

"cleaning my plate" and the time it adds to my life

Amazing Grace, Victory in Jesus and other hymns played with praise

bunnies in mud puddles

encouragement in the mail box

1000 Gifts #486 - 520

What 'ya thankful for?

1 comment:

  1. It truly is such an awful feeling when the world spins around you. So glad you can give thanks in the midst of it. Hope you feel better soon!


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