Monday, September 12, 2011

Peace, Peace, God's Peace!

God gives peace to His kiddo's. 
Peace that isn't explained- just experienced. 
And some weeks, He lets us experience more than the week before.  He's just awesome that way!


neighbors willing to put rowdy little boys on the school bus
it's a boy, growing inside my sweet niece
ER Doc's
Turkey sandwiches desired at 1 am
mowed grass and vacuumed floors - by friends adored
m&m's at 3 am
a post-op sleeping son
peace and prayers in scary moments
mornings- they always follow long, sleepless nights
a puttering sister
a mom who seems to thrive in her daughters crisis'
faithful friends
the smell of roast beef filling my sick-bay home while I nap
a mothers good report- her heart full of love and life
youth pastors bringing blizzards
my brain is normal...for real!
pinkie promises to comfort my youngest son's fears
hard rain- fast and over
laughter in unexpected places
God's strength in me, when mine is gone

What 'ya thankful for?

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