Sunday, September 11, 2011

Goodbye GallBladder... AND Appendix

Boring, Routine, Planned... not in this family!

Three days ago, Thursday morning we got the family up and prepared for our exciting day.  Rex's first ever surgery.  Gall Bladder.  We were looking forward to it, knowing it should provide relief from his pain that has been progressing for a long time now.  Elijah and Isaiah were mad, they wanted to go and "watch" and Isaiah kept asking- "is Daddy going to die forever today?"  NO, Daddy is not going to die we assured them as we dropped them off at a neighbors and headed to the hospital.

We were only 15 minutes late.  I wasn't worried, I knew they couldn't start without him. 

Rex was not a fan of the surgical uniform.  Shayne was more than happy to help his dad get dressed.

The nurses at Lewis Gale Medical Center were great.   Kate, in her 52nd year of nursing got my hubby ready for surgery.  Margaret, told beach stories while they put in the IV.  While Rex was gone
Shayne and I went down to the cafeteria to have some breakfast.  The plan was for Rex to be in surgery/recovery for a couple of hours, an hour in the room and be home by 1pm at the latest. 

The surgery went well.  Rex scored major points, calling me beautiful when seeing me for the first time after waking up.  I'm told, by the recovery nurses that he went on and on about what a wonderful woman I was.  We're not counting the other names he called me, while still under the influence of anesthesia.  (insert smile)  Shayne was great, encouraging his dad- and only a few times, laughing at his sleep babbling while Dad wasn't looking. 

Sleep apnea slowed things down a bit and we were happy to finally get home around 5pm. 

I made some potato soup for his bland diet, and our friend Brenda got the boys in bed for us.  We crashed- for about an hour before the night got long.   

I worked from home Friday and was glad for the night to come, I was pretty tired.  I took Shayne to a lock-in about 9pm, and came back home to my sweet husband.  We crashed again, on and off through a second night.  Rex, as always has a hard time sitting still, even when he's on narcotics.  I woke up at 6:45 Saturday morning and rushed out to pick my Shayne up from the lock-in before his brothers woke up. 

The plan, was to spend my day in my Jammie's, cook some food to have on hand for the week, and sit idle in front of the TV with my recovering husband. Shayne was supposed to sleep all day to make up for being up all night.  I do recall complaining, to my God Daddy about how tired I was.  You'd think I'd learn about such things.

I had a nagging feeling all morning, that I should shower.  I was too tired, so I kept putting it off.  I wasn't going anywhere, so there was no rush.  I fixed breakfast, drank several cups of coffee, colored some pictures with Isaiah and was standing at the sink around 11am when Shayne came in.  I had noticed he was up and down several times but figured he was just having trouble sleeping- our house is really loud, in case you didn't know.

I knew by Shayne's face, something was wrong.  I called the Dr. was told to take him to the ER, and I hopped in the shower.  Within minutes, his pain was escalating and I was beckoned from the shower to hurry. 

Trying to decide whether to line up help for Rex before leaving was a dilemma I didn't enjoy.  Thankfully, Rex was able to get Danny and Julie with one phone call, and they came over and took care of Elijah and Isaiah, and Rex, while we figured out was was going on.

Bloodwork, anyone?

Drinking the "glow" medicine

Things moved very quickly.  Hearing your child, who never complains beg Dr's to "fix it" and say repeatedly they think they are going to die from the intense pain is a helpless feeling, I do not wish to repeat.   Meemaw was with me and Shayne at the ER.  Within a short time, the diagnosis was confirmed.  Because Shayne's white count was so high and pain so intense, he bumped the lady in front of him to get into surgery first. Teri brought Rex to the hospital and Shayne was in surgery for acute appendicitis within 5 1/2 hours of arriving at the ER. 

Surgery Board

For the second time in a couple of days, I sat in the surgical waiting room.  And again, surgery went well.  After getting Shayne into his room, and knowing he was fine, Rex went home to rest.  He was in a somewhat "adrenalin high-zombieish must get rest state" and definitely needed to go home.  

The first hours after surgery were rough for my tough guy, but he quickly started hitting the required milestones.  And, how much prouder could this momma be, when every Dr. and nurse who cared for my son, said to me "what a nice young man" or "you have a great kid"  I couldn't help but agree, I watched him thank the nurses who woke him up to check his BP, and give verbal thanks to the surgeon for fixing it. 
Turkey and Apple Juice at 1 AM

After another long night, we got to leave for home around 12:30 pm this afternoon and I was glad to get both my post-op patients under one roof.  And while I am not symptom free, God has given me  the stamina to take care of my son in the hospital, and my man at home. 

Resting (note the laundry my sister folded in the background)

In the last 3 days, I am again reminded how blessed we are. 
Friends who drop everything to not only watch our younger kids but find time to also mow our grass and clean our house. Friends and family, who sit beside, and stand across from me at the hospital, more than once in just a few days and make small talk to take my mind off reality.  Cries for me, and gives me the wink as my son comes out of anesthesia, scared and confused, knowing me so well that if I start crying, I won't stop.  For mom who manned phones and kept people updated so I could focus.  My sister, who literally packed up her life and brought it smack in the middle of mine- to cook meals, fold laundry and tend to my boys so I could nap and gear up for another long night.  And the notes, texts and Facebook posts from many who let us know they are praying for us. 

And then, for little boys who draw sweet pictures to encourage, even when they are scared, really scared that "everybody is sick but us" and worried if Daddy and Shayne will really get better.  Little hearts with faith who pray that "God makes Mommy not dizzy no more."  

Pictures for Shayne & Daddy

I am glad I believe in my Sovereign God.  Surprises to us, but not to Him!
I can sleep- er, rest, er doze peacefully knowing He's got it under control- Again!

These guys are on the road to recovery-

Rex - 3 days Post-Op, Shayne - 1 day Post-Op

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