Friday, September 2, 2011

Five Minute Friday- Rest.

It seems that most every day somebody tells me, "get some rest" and I without fail chuckle to myself.   They usually say this after witnessing my life, or just hearing about the chaotic details of the same.  They want for me to take some time- sit down, relax, do nothing or do something still and quiet. 
Because my life makes them tired, they want me to rest.   

I do not sit well.  I do not relax often. 
I wonder if I know how. 
When, I have a chance to do nothing, I find something to do in the nothing.  Like recently sorting through mounds of paperwork while I sat spinning on my couch. Rest almost feels like I'm wasting time and I have a really hard time doing nothing.   

I'm at the beach. 

It is in the vastness of God's awesomeness, that I can do nothing.  Well, almost nothing. 
I can sit. 
I can breathe in the salt air. 
I can watch. 
I can close my eyes and listen to the crashing of the waves.
I can relax. 
I can find and enjoy the quiet, in the midst of the noise. 

This, in the amazement of His creation is where I find rest.

It matters not if there are 5 people named Allen in a flurry of activity in the sand or thousands of people whose name I don't know walking about me.  It matters not if I am alone in the early hours of the day, or catching one more peek before calling it a night. 

From sun-up to sun-down--- this is my ultimate place of rest.  
So be careful, next time you say to me "get some rest" I might just head toward the sea.
(or, most likely I'll go get in my big jet bathtub and just pretend)

I'm linking up to Lisa Jo,
gypsy mama for 5 Minute Friday!  Simple rules- write for 5 minutes, no editing, no second-guessing. It's not write, not wrong. And, it's a lot of fun. Click on the link for some good, 5 minute reads.

Rest- go get 'ya some!

1 comment:

  1. Okay. First of all BUWAHAHAHAHA!!

    Secondly, I'm with ya. As you know, at home I must putter. all. the. time...but at the sea? Ahh the wonderfulness of closing my eyes and letting the sounds just fill me up.

    Finally. I love ya.


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