Friday, September 16, 2011

Five Minute Friday- Joy.

We've probably all heard the verse in Psalms where we are told weeping may last all night, but joy comes in the morning.  I used to live by it- it was my encouragement.  As a young person it seemed my night would never end, and I waited for the morning so I could experience joy.  It seemed to elude me.  I found myself often in a state of sadness, depression.  I would cringe every time a fellow believer would say to me, you can't be depressed, sad if you know Jesus. Offended and confused, I kept searching for my morning.

Many years ago, as Director of women's ministries at my church, me and my team organized a conference for our ladies, Joy Comes in the Morning, and All Day Long.  The focus, was to help our ladies, wherever they were in the night, find the joy and keep it.  Sounds goofy- but I will never forget Anita Renfroe's definition of joy as she spoke.

Joy- the settled assurance that God is in Control, and is working all things according to His plan.

Wow.  I always knew it was more than a feeling, but I could never quite get my head around how it all worked together, until then.  Those silly words changed my life.  I can be a child of the King and feel sad, even depressed at times.  We won't always feel happy.  Jesus even wept.  But, the joy that comes each morning- is because as a child of the King, I know He has it under control, even when the circumstances are hard, and painful.  Circumstances that cause even the strongest believer to fall to their knees and cry out, Oh God. 

That kind of joy, people will last you all day.
Praying you will find joy wherever you are today.

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Happy Friday Y'all!

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