Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What Was That Now, Neurotic Bladder? Vestibular Gall?

Sometimes, getting things a little mixed up is okay, Sometimes it isn't.

My Isaiah, who on the 2nd day of school was frantic, telling me lunch is tooooo long away.  Trying to figure out the reason for his melt-down, he insisted he did NOT get to eat breakfast at school, on his first ever day of Kindergarten.  

How could this be true? We had discussed this with his teacher on back to school night.  Low and behold, one of those phone calls from school personnel, confirmed that they "didn't know" and my baby went hungry until lunch.  Bad Mommy school!  Mix-up- Not Okay.

On the morning of his second day ever of Kindergarten, I promised him he would in fact get breakfast. He trusted me, and agreed to go on to school without one of the "sucker things" -his mixed-up word for Go-Gurts.  I was confident in this promise and when he got home, I asked him what he ate for breakfast.  He replied corn dogs.  Now, I didn't worry at that answer, because I had already received yet another call from school personnel regarding my Kindergartner. During this call, she told me that the no breakfast issue had been corrected and enjoyed telling me how cute she thought it was that he called the pancakes on a stick, corn dogs. 
Mix-up- not only okay, but really cute!

Some mix-ups are only okay, depending on the circumstances.  Like the East Coast Earthquake 8/23/11.  Oh yes, we felt it in our house.  At first, I thought the dizziness in my head was getting worse, and then I realized my entire house was in fact shaking.  When Rex and Shayne in different rooms also felt the shaking, we knew it was real.  It seems, many East Coasters got the safety instructions for an Earthquake mixed up, and instead of DROP, COVER and HOLD, many ran from buildings out into the open and chatted in the streets.  Had it been higher on the scale, this mix-up may have cost people their lives.

This leads me to my last mix-up for discussion today.  Medical Diagnosis.  It's been "special" experiencing sudden and repeated onset of illness with my husband.  We've been married 25 years you know, so it is only right that we share everything, including Dr. visits today.

I am thankful to get in to see my ENT today, who was able to diagnose the wickedness in my head.  Actually, two diagnosis.  Both, not so common in people my age.  And even less common common to have both at the same time.  But, all who know me, know that I don't like to do things the "common" way.  At least for now, as long as things clear up in a few weeks, the diagnosis today was at least enough to post-pone the nasty tests I was supposed to have on Monday.  Happy Birthday to me!
Rex, also got confirmed diagnosis of gall stones (and a border-line enlarged spleen) today. Not so sure about the spleen thing, have to check on that, but his gallbladder surgery is scheduled for September 8th. 
God does work in all things.  Sept 8th may not be too significant to many, but for us it's perfect timing.  My Dr. told me I'd probably have dizziness for another couple of weeks, before it's gone completely.  If the surgery had been scheduled before 9/8- I may not be able to be his nurse.  After him taking care of me through way too many surgeries and illness' to count, I really want to be there for him for his first ever surgery.  If the surgery was scheduled much later than  9/8, and I'd be in CA for training.  We think 9/8 is a perfect day for his surgery. 

A mix-up of a medical diagnosis is never okay.  That's why they right on you in Sharpie pens now before they operate.  They have gotten a few mixed up in the past. 

At least for us, as long as the Dr's don't get the diagnosis mixed up and Sharpie his neurotic bladder or my gall, we'll be back to normal by October 1st.

Now, what is normal again?

Happy Wednesday,

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  1. Sept 8 is significant to me! We found out the sex of our baby that morning... I will definitely be praying for Rex as well!


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