Sunday, August 28, 2011

Week One- We're Calling A Success!

First week of Kindergarten!

First week of First Grade!

Only 7 calls from the school. 
3 on Monday, 1 every day the rest of the week.  That number on my caller ID makes my heart sink.  But none of the calls were as discouraging as the one during Elijah's first week of Kindergarten last year, so we're still good.   Most of these calls were pro-active, positive and informational calls.  One, was actually to see what we needed.  Shocking.
Elijah's teacher keeps telling me that not all of her calls will be because something is wrong. She must hear it in my voice when I say hello.  Every time I answer the phone, I feel like a frightened child peeking around a corner.  I'm going, but a little scared of what I will find.   I explained to her, that had not been our experience to date, but I am anxious to create a new experience.  I would welcome 50/50.  We both agreed that it's good Elijah is in her class this year. 

At precisely 3:51 pm Friday afternoon, thinking I was in the clear my heart sank one more time seeing that phone number pop up.  The  Asst. Principal snuck one last call in before the weekend.  She was calling to let me know that Isaiah was a little too friendly with another little Kindergartner on the bus, Thursday afternoon.  It seems he likes her a little more than she likes him; and he wasn't observing her personal space bubble.  She assured me this was one of many, many calls to parents of Kindergartners she was making- asking for help in reinforcing the bus rules of "bottom to bottom back to back" and my call was actually one of the shortest with his being one of the least severe offenses. "It's really not a big deal" she said.  Works for me!  

Only 3 discussions with Day care teachers
As suspected, having both boys in the after-school (oh, did I say that for real) program proved a little to get used to for one of their teachers. 
  • Day 1- brothers fighting with each other
  • Day 2- brothers separated, Isaiah a little aggressive
  • Day 3- Isaiah cried from the time he got there, until I picked him up.  He needed a lot of TLC, might be overwhelmed with 47 kids all over the place. 
  • Day 4 & Day 5- no, "can I talk to you" upon signing them out- but we may have cheated since we picked one up early.  
And Mommy and Daddy learned a lot this week, like:

  • Breaking up the morning routine for OT isn't probably the best thing for Isaiah, so we're moving him to the afternoon.  He'll still miss a little bit of school, so we'll still be dealing with the whole- this is more important so deal with it and here's his excuse- with the school, but we're up for the challenge.
  • It didn't matter that Isaiah didn't wear his "bear" tag, according the the fourth phone call on Tuesday morning, all the teachers and staff already knew who he was and where he was supposed to be.  hmmm.
  • Both of my boy's teachers seem anxious to balance rules with love.  Are familiar with redirection and positive reinforcement.  And, how weird that they both keep mentioning they want to make school fun.  Elijah's teacher is even being pro-active in getting the other teachers on-board with the items in their IEP plans.  And it must be effective, since he got a sticker in music!  This is big people, this is big!
  • How to fail at explaining to Isaiah why the "mean" cafeteria lady will only let you choose one entree for lunch.  And, you can't change your mind and put your hot dog back, realizing that the yogurt at the end of the line is, in the eyes of Rke Co. Schools, an entree.  (really?)
  • Elijah's new first grade friend is much better at teaching him to tie his shoes than we are.  Must have something to do with two bunny ears, and not just one. 
  • Big brother Shayne rocks at helping to get them on the bus when this mommy's head is spinning. 
The week went much better than I had anticipated, maybe it was lack of faith or experience, but considering it started with one parent in the ER and the other one spinning, we are calling it a success.

Now, let's wrap it up and get ready for another!
Good Nite, ya'll.

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  1. Yaay on an encouraging-ish week!! I can't wait to see y'all. It feels like it's been forever...

    Also, I looked for the goodies you referenced yesterday but couldn't locate them at either walmart (YUCK) or the Kroger near Sam's.

    Not cool. Not cool at all.


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