Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Our Crazy Crazy World and the First's and Last It's Bringing These Days

Our lives are crazy, chaotic.  I know, so is yours. 

Since my last amusement posting, the vertigo has returned so I've been on and off the crazy rides in my head for a few days now.  The days ahead include some nasty tests (I know from experience) and several Dr. visits.  And, to align with our "never a dull moment" motto, the whirling has made what should have been solo highlights in our world, a little more challenging to enjoy.  Like,

Back to school night, and Kindergarten orientation last week.  We were pleased with our little guys teachers, and actually left a little hopeful this might be an okay year.  Even tho, we were once again reminded by the show of hands, that we are the oldest parents in Isaiah's Kindergarten class.  He's our last baby to start Kindergarten, but all of his classmates, are their own parents' first babies to start school. 

Me and Isaiah went back on Friday morning for Kindergarten orientation.  He got to go to his classroom and get a taste of what Kindergarten will be like, I got to sit and fill out mounds of paperwork.  Why do they need the same information on 40-11 different pieces of paper.  I'm thinking their is definitely innovation opportunities here.

He was a little anxious in the car, speaking not a word.  But oh, so cute carrying in all his supplies.

We viewed the OT/PT gym where he'll go for sensory breaks, and checked out the cafeteria.  Then, he conned me in to letting him have a "free" day.  This meant instead of daycare, he came home with me.  He was in fact very good, and content to play Lego's, watch movies and build tents while I worked.

We spent a lot of time over the weekend talking about new schedules, what the days will be like and cheer leading for a fun new year.  Finally, Monday morning.

First day of Kindergarten, and First Grade for my little ones.  Isaiah was up just a few minutes after 6:00 am and was thrilled when after asking daily for 5 days, finally got a Yes answer to "can I wear my new pants" He was dressed and ready by 6:17 a.m.  Elijah, a little less enthusiastic, but with Shayne's help we really did get out the door and to the bus stop on time.

Our neighbor, who is a police officer brought his kids to the bus stop in full uniform, which I think was a tremendous help in getting Isaiah on the bus without a fit.  After checking him out, completely and getting answers to where were his bullets, to the real gun- he promptly walked onto the bus.  It worked for me.  And, since my head was spinning, I didn't even cry. 

Elijah, Isaiah & Shayne

Christopher & Elijah

Isaiah, my baby still looks so small compared to that big bus!

Shayne walked me home, and then drove me to the ER, where Rex had been since around 3:00 AM.  The suspected gall bladder issues were confirmed, and he escaped with a surgical consult for tomorrow morning.

Pretty handsome to be in pain, don't you think?

Only 3 calls with school personnel on the first day, and while each time the number flashed on caller ID my heart skipped a beat, they were all okay.  The last call of the day, was an apology from Elijah's teacher for forgetting to send home a sticker book, part of his IEP plan.  I assured her it was okay, and in talking with her about his struggles in music class- shocking to us because he loves to sing, dance or all things musical, she told me hat he had in fact, ended his first day of First Grade by singing Amazing Grace, to the class. 

Between picking up Rex from the ER, and coming home to answer calls from Roanoke County, we made a quick trip to the Dr. for what I hoped would be immediate healing for my dizziness.  My Dr. and friend told me, just before the little "test" that I'd either love him, or hate him when I left.  I hate him, and he knows it.  (just kidding) But I did leave in worse shape than when I got there.  Unfortunately, this put Shayne and my sweet hubby Rex, dealing with his own pain, in charge of all things that required movement of anything more than my eyes and hands.     

As we love to do in our family, we definitely made some memories today. Is it okay if I confess that I think I am glad, it's our last first day of Kindergarten in the Allen family. 

Now, I've got to go, the school is calling.  No, I'm not kidding- Day 2= Call #4. 

Happy (spinning) Tuesday.


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  1. Those first few days of school are always a little nutty. Thanks for letting us in on the fun!


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