Friday, August 26, 2011

Move Over Little Debbie.

I just happened upon these at Kroger tonight.

Raspberry, Chocolate, Cheesecake, Brownie- could it be?

They have to be new.  I would have known about this.

I couldn't wait. 
And, upon opening the bag,  I was pleasantly surprised at the pretty detail on each bite size piece of heaven.  

and even happier, when it looked just like the picture on the bag. 
Finally truth in advertising.
(please note the light is red and my vehicle is stopped while I captured the special moment of truth)

I enjoyed a few, with my Diet Coke as I continued to drive home alone!
(No pressure to share) 

This is my new happy. 

With 12 bite size brownies in the bag- I figure I'm okay if I eat 4 at a time.

You Go Pillsbury! 

I promptly hid these in the refrigerator, not even telling Rex of my find.  

Teri, I was thinking of you with every bite.

Isaiah, you can have the Little Debbie's baby.  Mommas got a new happy!


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