Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Joy in the Spin Cycle (of my head)

My boys bring me joy. They make me smile, sometimes very unexpectedly.

Around 3am this morning, my middle son politely tapped my shoulder.  I turned my head, not such a good idea.  He whispered- "Mommy can I get in bed with you?  I had a dream.  A very bad dream and you are the only one that can fix it."  Well, if I'm the only one who can fix it, I must.   My son snuggled next to me, wrapped my arm around his, and after some time, finally drifted back to snores.  I smiled.

Around 7pm tonight, my baby and I were playing Lego's.  He picked out what could be a siren, and placed it on the top of his garage.  We began discussing emergencies.  I asked him if he knew who to call in an emergency.  He tilted his head and very slowly said,
"9-1-1..... Star Country"
I smiled.


And this face, how can I not smile? 

Happy Wednesday!

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