Friday, August 5, 2011

Five Minute Friday- Whole

I am not a lover of puzzles.  No matter how much effort I put into a puzzle, it seems like there is always a piece that can't be found.  I get so frustrated to get so close to having the whole puzzle done, and then I can't complete it, because a piece is always MIA.  I'm talking about the 10 piece Big Bird puzzle, don't even get me started on the 1000 piece puzzles.  No way!

My life is like a puzzle.  Let's call it the Hot Momma puzzle.  I have spent most of my life trying to complete the puzzle, to be whole.  There seems to always be a piece missing.  From the disappointments as a little girl to the ones yesterday, I stay frustrated in my efforts to find the missing pieces of my life.  Where is my center- where's the missing piece?

It's my heart.  When I give up owning my heart, give up my wants, desires, pride, control, disappointment, fears, anger and rebellions and even giving up my dreams for my children that reside in my heart and trade them for God's plan, He finishes the puzzle.   

God, is my completer.  When I give Him my heart, He gives it back to me, and all the pieces that make me who I am.  He gives me pieces like rambunctious boys, a joy for teaching and leading women in bible study, awesome friends, faithful family and the love of my life, Rex. 

Yes, my life puzzle is complete when I give all the pieces to God to work the puzzle.  I am God's, and in Him alone, I am whole. 

What a crazy wonderful life puzzle He is completing for me.

I'm linking up to Lisa Jo, thegypsymama for five-minute-friday
It's simple, we write because we love it.  And on Friday's, it's 5 minutes, no editing, no second-guessing.  Come on over for some great, 5 minute reads.

Happy Friday ya'll!

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