Friday, August 26, 2011

Five Minute Friday- Older.


When I was little, I couldn't wait to get older.  When you're older, you get to pick out your own clothes, walk up the street to a friends house, and help clean the house. 

Then, I got a little older.  Those things weren't such a big deal. So I couldn't wait to get older. At this point, when you're older you get to shop for you're own clothes, drive up the street to a friends house, and make my your own choices. 

Then I got a little older.  Those things weren't such a big deal.  I couldn't wait to get older.  At this point, when you're older you get to fall in love, have children, and spend countless hours living life and nobody tells you what to do.
Then I got a little older, okay a lot older.

The biggest birthday I remember, was my 30th.  My husband gave me the best surprise party ever.  And he pulled it off.  I was surprised.  There were so many people there.  And they kept coming, including my baby brother and his family who drove several hundred miles to surprise me.  I was mom to one son at the time.  And his little head popping around through the crowds brought such joy.  My husband definitely rocked it on that one! 

Can I just confess that I do love birthday's.  I don't care if people know about it.  I enjoy the attention.  It's the only day a year that is all about me, and it's okay. 
Is that wrong?

Anyway, I remember being distressed about turning 30.  I cried all day.  I felt like I was caught between really being a grown-up, and still but not being where I had dreamed of being. 
Getting older, in addition to wrinkles and dizzy spells, brings wisdom.  I've figured out that at my age I can get away with having an opinion, occasionally passing gas in front of my husband, and not being so concerned with what strangers think about me.  I am mom to three boys and that same husband I adore.  But, I STILL have people telling me what to do.  Maybe at 50?
Monday's my birthday so older is on my mind.  I'll be 44 and I'm planning to enjoy the blessings of the day.  But, I'm no longer in a hurry to get older.

Could it be that all the wrinkles come from all the joy and smiles of getting older!

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Happy Friday ya'll!


  1. Thanks for the perspective for someone who is a about a decade behind you. And HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  2. I ALWAYS say "wrinkles are a sign of a life well-lived...or a chain smoker" and you look great! and how sweet is your husband for making a BIG deal about your birthday! Happy early birthday! Great Blog!

  3. I decided when I turned 40 that I would subtract a year for every birthday after that, so I just turned 35, not sure how long I can fool myself with this idea?


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