Friday, July 1, 2011


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We welcome guests to parties.  We welcome newborn babes and other children  into our lives.  We welcome family and friends into our homes.  We welcome strangers into our church's.  We welcome business partners to meetings. 

We check-in at hotels and people we've never met welcome us.  I've even been welcomed into Dr's offices.  (not a fan, here)

So what does it mean?  I break it down like this we-(all)come.  Welcoming is coming together to one place.  A physical place, or an emotional place- like when we welcome a man into our hearts to take residence and become our lover and soul-mate for a lifetime.  Or, when we come to one place, like the place of realizing that we are nothing without the blood of Christ, and we ask him to take residence in our lives at King, and Father.  Or how about when God Almighty, welcomes us into His family.  Now that's a welcome I won't miss out on. 

We say it so often I'm not sure we realize how important a word it is, but when we truly welcome someone- we are opening not just a home, but a life to someone.  And, sometimes that welcome  impacts others, more than we can ever know.   

Look around today, wherever you are,  I'm pretty sure you'll find "welcome" all around you.  But just in case you don't, come on in ya' are welcome here.


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  1. You are so right -- we may never know the impact a welcome can have on a person and we need to remember that to welcome people is to welcome Him.


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