Monday, July 18, 2011

Water, Water, Water!

Sometimes, it's the strangest things we find ourselves thankful for. 

Since moving into our house a little more than 18 months ago, we've had some issues with water in our yard.  Lots of water.

Water where it did not belong. 

So much water, the wildlife rescue referred to our yard as the "safe and friendly pond" for the injured duck who found its way here.

The water authority was supposed to have fixed it last summer. Not so much.

It worsened! Oh, the smell.  And bugs.  YUCK!!!!
This is definitely not the way to impress your neighbors people.

I was thrilled when the landscaper finally showed up to solve the problem, even when he was about 1 month later than promised.  We were in Florida celebrating our Silver, when he started with digging a huge ditch. One minor problem stalled the work, the backhoe got stuck in the mud.  Sigh.  We came home to this, and a wait for things to dry out.

The wait was longer than expected. I was growing a little lot grumpy. 

And then Friday morning there they were. 

they put in the  pipe....

and with each load of gravel that went past from my window

the promise that water would start flowing through the pipe and find its new path to the drain on the street by the end of the day grew.

Just about the time they I started believing....

They packed up and went home.  The nerve.

So, we the kids made the best of it.

And as promised, when I got home today the yard was shaved, leveled, seeded and finished. 

We could actually walk around the side of our house...

It's beautiful, flat, doesn't smell and is BUG FREE!

So, we celebrated by shopping following instructions and purchasing nearly $83 worth of hoses and sprinklers. 

Yep, after months of trying to rid our yard of water, we've now been instructed to keep it wet.
Typical, isn't it.

I'm still counting thankful- holy experience
1000 Gifts #442-455

smell of fresh cut grass
the energy and physical capability to cut the grass
my friend Calvin going home
Shayne being home all week
Christian Radio
Lillie's in bloom
meeting my unborn niece or nephew for the first time
playing Phase 10 with teenagers on a Saturday night
landscaping completed
long, overdue dinner with momma, mommy, sister momma and niece mommy to be- and the men they love
cheap napkins for tears shed during lunch conversation
Sunday afternoon naps
unexpected humor in the storms
Nae's shoulder to cry on, and her great hugs

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