Sunday, July 3, 2011

A Paddleboat Tale

I love paddle boats, so this was my one request of Rex while we were honeymooning-- to take me on a paddle boat ride.

We were headed to dinner, when we decided to, in Rex's words, "get the paddle boats over with"

 this is PaddleBoat Joe.. he found us just the right boat.

Two of us, thrilled to be waaaaaay under the weight limit.

I was so excited. 
Rex, not so much.    

We had just a little trouble steering; Rex,not thrilled with how this was going,  was a good sport.

We definitely got our exercise

while viewing the beautiful resort grounds from the waterway.

some little kids came along side us, and a sweet little girl offered to take our picture 

I was having a blast-

Rex was working up a sweat

and then, we got stuck.

the back of the boat against the wall

the front against the grassy bank... just out of reach of my feet.
the boat was end to end, stuck.

We pedaled as fast as we could frontwards.  We pedaled as fast as we could backwards. 

I found that hilarious.  My husband found it distressing.

Some of the other paddle boat guests, were not finding this as funny as I was.

We weren't just stuck, we were stuck sideways, which meant we were blocking the entire path---nobody was getting by the Allens.

That's when the same sweet little girl who took our picture, without hesitation hopped out of her own boat, walked right over to us and gave us a big push.  

Laughing, but no guilt here.  

The water was only to her knees.  

She was in a bathing suit. 

We had just showered and were fully clothed.

hey, this is paddle boats, not a roller coaster. 

oh wait, he's pushing us under the bridge. 

why weren't they having any trouble?
Rex asked them if we could tie a rope and have them pull us in.

"not today"

we I laughed our way back to the dock, where PaddleBoat Joe was telling some strangers, that we'd been gone all day! 

Our fun excursion had turned into some workout.  We were both soaked with sweat and our legs felt a little like noodles.
We promptly invested $6.60 in a Diet Coke.

We were sipping our pricey soda, in our air conditioned building, laughing about the little girl who came to our rescue.  Then, we heard her sweet voice.  She was talking to her daddy, and the conversation went like this...

How was the paddle boats, fun?

"Yea, I had to help this old couple get unstuck" 
about that time she saw this old couple sitting on the bench, to which she promptly corrected herself... I mean an "older" couple.

Thanks honey for indulging my one wish, and making laugh out loud memories!

Goodnight from this honeymooning  "older" couple.  

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    This might just be my favorite. post. ever! I can just see Rex getting all tense, and of course that making things all the funnier. Love you!


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