Monday, July 25, 2011

A Glimpse of Normal

I am blessed to live in a family where the moments are rarely dull, quiet or still.  Most days Rex & I put on our armor and fight to survive.  It is usually too overwhelming to think about next week, month or when my youngest will become teens. We usually take each minute as it a comes while resting in the hope that God indeed gives new mercies and grace for another full speed ahead new day.
But every so often, the stress level of my children seems to normalize and we get a glimpse of what most would consider a normal day.  It is in these glimpses that I am reminded God has not forsaken me in my mothering, and the hope of healing for my boys and better days for our family lives.  In these rare but precious moments life seems to slow down.  We enjoy late morning breakfast, coffee on the front porch, movies in PJ's while the sun is shining and Lego's scattered and not rushing to finish either.  We catch our breath, and enjoy.
Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and breakfast in bed- sorta

Playing around in Kmart

We weren't finished playing just yet

And lest I get too comfortable in the normal, I only need walk into Daycare, be summoned into the office and told of my middle child having not only called a little girl an inappropriate name, but proceeding to share with his entire classroom an adjective filled description of his mommy's rather personal body part of same name.   I was not convinced that this little conference was  "not so bad" as Miss K. described while giggling and shutting the office door. 

Humor indeed keeps me sane, and counting big and small gifts

1000 Gifts #456 - 475

surprise unhurried call home from Shayne
baby deer unafraid, letting me talk to him as if we were old friends
unexpected out loud laughter
Miss Beth telling me how much she just loves my middle son- and the cold chills knowing there has been progress even if unseen to me
baby birds outside my office window
adult conversations with my oldest child
Shayne hugs
Boxing matches in Kmart
Dinner with Rex and Shayne, and the memories of simpler life
Coffee's shared at a bookstore, late
more unprompted laughter
pool invitation and chillin' at Grandma Bev's
Breanna, and her ability to care for and handle my little boys while I play with my big boys
bargain finds for big boy rooms
backyard pool and exhaustion it brings people age 6 and under
catching a glimpse of a father-son hug
surprising invitations
long walk with Shayne exploring God's creation
feeling safe with my son in the presence of serpents-  ewwwww!
dishes done by husband sweet

What 'ya thankful for?

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  1. Legos! Always Legos everywhere--I don't know what I'll do when they're gone:) Daytime movies in pj's sounds divine. Loved your list!


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