Saturday, July 2, 2011

Busting Busy!

If you ask Isaiah where we are, he'll most likely say "at our honeymoon" For months (about 6) now, we've been talking about celebrating our silver anniversary, with a honeymoon getaway.  When we wed 25 years ago, we spent one night at Natural Bridge, and then headed back to Roanoke for the Powell Family Reunion.  I was only given 1 day off from my job- so we didn't have a real honeymoon. 

25 years later, we finally are honeymooning.  We have flown far, far away from our crazy, busy lives where our children demand all plus more of our attention.

Once we got to the airport yesterday, I knew it was really happening. Giddy set in.  I couldn't wait to board the plane, hold Rex's hand and just be- together. 

We've been amazed today, to realize that our minds and bodies seem to be on permanent busy mode.  We've spent all day trying to figure out, how to do nothing.  No need to rush for anything.  Nobody knows us here.  Nobody is yelling mommy.  There is no dog to let out, kids to bathe, phones to answer.  Nothing to wash, vacuum or dust.  We can sleep, swim, walk, eat, think, whenever we want.  It feels very strange, almost wrong. 

But, we will try, try until we succeed at NOT being busy.  And it was sure nice to sleep until 9:10 a.m. this morning. Strange.  We woke up to cloudy skies, and enjoyed the sun playing peek-a-boo for a while. 

We kept waiting for someone to tell us they were hungry, or need something.  Nobody yelled at us!  Strange, I say.

We had some breakfast around 11 am at "Skidders" our new favorite  diner. We explored the resort a bit.  We meandered in and out of several beach shops.  Nobody whining, needing to go potty or begging to go home.  Strange- it was eery and odd, and wonderful.   We walked about 1/2 mile to the grocery store to stock up on Diet Mtn. Dew, peanut butter and jelly, and chips for munching on the beach.  We look like tourists for sure, carrying our "groceries" onto the beach trolley.   By now, the sun was out in full force- so we hit the beach around 3pm. 

Other than the dude who is actually being paid to sing and entertain the guests, there is plenty of live entertainment around here. We are having a blast, just observing.  Rule breakers everywhere.

We've spent most of the day, trying to slow our brains down.  It's as if time has slowed to almost a stop.  And how wonderful it feels to know the screaming children, ARE NOT OURS!

We layed on the beach, then went and layed by the pool.  The resort has an Adult Only pool, which is really nice.

For dinner, we decided to catch the trolley again, and headed to John's Pass for dinner.  When we were here the end of April with the kids, we wanted to, but never got to eat at a popular pizza parlor.  I've smelled it in my head for a couple of months, so when I finally put it in my mouth tonight it was worth the wait. YUMMY!

Back at the trolley stop, we met a really nice couple from Manchester, England.  They prefer our new favorite beach to the Greek Islands, and have come here for 7 years now.  She works in a children's home in England, so she & I solved all the problems with foster care in two countries. 

Then the lightning and thunder that had been putting on a show for us all evening, was joined by rain.  Getting back to the resort proved to be a rather wet experience.  A little walk in the rain, isn't so terrible when you aren't carrying 50 lb boys through it. 

And here we are, safe and sound in our quiet room.

And lest we should get prideful, spending a week at a fancy resort and all, we only need look out our window to be reminded we're just a simple couple thankful to be here, even if we don't have an ocean view.

Good night ya'll.

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