Monday, June 27, 2011

Thankful for Precious Memories

My brother-in-law recently put our old VHS home videos onto DVD for us.  We've been watching almost every night, they are addicting to say the least.  Memories that were lost in the archives of my mind, are now fresh and easy to recall.  Tonight, we popped in the DVD labeled Labor Day 2001.  We had never watched this video before, and we didn't remember videotaping our trip to Alabama to visit Shanna & Troy- precious friends who moved from Roanoke.  Before they moved, we would hang out and have a blast together- eating raw chicken, swinging our kids at the park and girl talk.  I was so sad when they moved- but God is sovereign and it was His plan to move them to Alabama.    It wasn't too long after our visit, that Troy was diagnosed with breast cancer.  The trip in 2001 was the last time we all hung out, played cards and goofed off together before he was diagnosed. How bitter sweet to watch our families just enjoying life, together.  Troy died in 2006.   I had forgotten about the video; but I am so thankful to have the memories to pop in and re-live for years to come.

1000 Gifts#403-420

  • videos of my baby's laughter
  • daddy's- mine, and my boys
  • new haircuts
  • a good steak and quiet conversation with Rex
  • the baby squirrels playing outside my window
  • my garage is clean and I can check it off my list
  • dry pull ups in the morning girl talk with Dakota
  • hearing Shayne talk about how God is speaking to him at Camp Eagle
  • family reunions
  • sister lunches
  • the smell of a clean house and tropical candles
  • Dakota's helping me with banana pudding  
  • reunion crashers
  • miracle successful surgeries for Calvin
  • new medications finding videos of Troy & Shanna - and our kids playing and laughing
  • laughing out loud with best friends

what 'ya thankful for?

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