Monday, June 20, 2011

A miracle looks like....

Do you believe in miracles?  
Do you know what a miracle looks like, feels like, smells like? 
Sometimes, they happen to you.  Sometimes they happen to other people.  Sometimes, the miracles happen to both. 

This week, I know of 3 very specific miracles.  They look very different, but I know the same God gets glory for all three. 

Last Monday, you probably noticed I didn't post a thankful blog.  It wasn't that I didn't want to, it was just that our lives took yet another dip on the roller coaster of learning exactly how to meet the needs of our boys.  We found ourselves in the midst of a crisis, and thankful to avoid a hospital stay; immediately was frustrated at being told on Monday, it would be November before we could see a particular Dr. our son desperately needed an appointment with.  I spent the evening holding and cuddling my son.  Rex and I prayed.  Some of you prayed for us, and didn't even know we were who you were praying for.  Gotta love Facebook :)
Late Tuesday afternoon, we got a call for a cancellation at 7:15 a.m. Wednesday morning.  I'm told, that never happens.  God gave us a miracle.  A miracle looks like a schedule opening up. 

The second miracle I am blessed to be privy to, is in the life of my sweet niece and her husband, who are expecting their first baby.  I know all babies are miracles; but some come a little slower.  We are thrilled and excited to see the sonogram of a healthy 8 week old baby coming in January.  We'll have a new baby to love on.  A miracle smells like a newborn baby.

The third miracle this week involved the lives of sweet friends, who miraculously lived through a
head-on collision at 50+ miles per hour Saturday afternoon.  The other driver, who was texting, crossed over into their lane while on a bridge.  Miraculously, they are alive and praising God- giving encouragement to us as we visit, reminding us that God has a plan.  They have serious injuries and will face painful recoveries, but what a thrill to see her, talk to her, and hear her poke fun at my husband.  They will celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary tomorrow.  A miracle feels like the holding the hand of a friend who lives.  We love you Renee & Calvin.  

Yes indeed, God is still at work and miracles do still happen.  I hope at some point in your life, you have experienced seeing, feeling and smelling miracles.  But if you haven't, and you're praying for one---keep praying and trusting.  I don't know why we don't all get a miracle everyday, I just know that God is sovereign and He has a plan, and His timing is perfect.  
Whether it's the miracles or mundane of life I almost miss, like the sunshine and birds singing, watching my boys catch their first lightning bugs, the fact that school is out and we survived our first Kindergarten year with IEP and special education battles, 

I WILL continue to find reasons to thank God and
bless His name. 

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