Monday, June 6, 2011

Kid Joy!

I write a lot about our struggles- but in all honesty, my kids just crack me up.  They don't have a clue how funny they are- and I have to be really careful not to laugh AT them- because that sends them in a totally different direction.  But they are fun, and this week some of the random laughter has come from quotes like:

"look at my strength, Daddy"- Isaiah showing Rex his muscles
"my favorite was the white leprechaun"- Isaiah talking about his field trip to Mill Mt. Zoo.  We think he meant white leopards but don't know for sure.
"people get mean when they get old" -  Elijah talking about his school bus driver

and their imaginations are so entertaining---

(photo by Breanna)

yes, just when I think maybe my head is ready to blow off, their innocence showers me in laughter.  I'm pretty sure it isn't coincidence, but God's  love wrapped up in little brown comedians.   

I never tire of the endless supply of dandelion flowers how can that not bring a smile!

and how precious is the sleeping wild

I'll keep giving thanks-
1000 Gifts #377 - 396

Zita giggles during hard work
a phone call from the IRS, with good news
blue birds dancing on my fence
Isaiah's shots for kindergarten done and over with
debts- both financial and spiritual PAID IN FULL
all the tears my kids shed, and knowing God sees them all, and cares about every one
the chuckle of opening a check- for $ .41
price line hotel deals
new flower beds planted and pretty
clearing the air by having tough but honest conversations with friends I love
girl talk, just hanging out in the hot tub with Teri in Charlottesville
a visit to the Mary D. Ainsworth Parent-Child Attachment Clinic, and the hope it offers
my husband and me, a team committed to the end
hearing Elijah sing, and dance with the Gaither Vocal Band
new glasses
fresh painted walls
being a comfort to my hurting teen
laughter- enjoying my kids
a surprise Diet Coke from my BFF, while playing taxi driver for me 

I'm forgiven, lest I ever forget!! 

What 'ya thankful for?

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