Sunday, June 26, 2011

It Must Be That Crazy Reunion

For more years than anyone can confirm, the last Sunday in June has been reserved for the Powell Family Reunion.  (including the day after I wed my beloved, 25 years ago )

They come from 800+ miles every year- from New Jersey to Florida, from Arkansas to California --- they come.  The location and a few of the tradition's have evolved a bit over the years; but the commitment to the reunion remains strong.  Some really special people have died, and new precious people have been born.  It truly is a reminder of how pecious life is, and how it changes from year to year.  The other thing that changes from year to year, according to the photo diaries Betty has kept for years now,  appears to be my hair.  That's all I've got to say 'bout that.
Reunion, is a weekend that year after year brings hugs, laughter, joy and sometimes tears. 

Every year I look forward to the first hugs from the New Jersey/FL family.

In the last few years, we started inviting everybody who can,  to come to our house for dinner the night before. We outgrew most of the restaurants- and we do love chaos around here.  Add 35-50 people, depending on the year, and I am one happy momma! 

On Sunday, after we've sang, eaten and distributed door prizes to most everyone, we move the party over to Rex's brother's.  Steve & Ona open up their home where we pile in, and fill up on leftovers, and memories.   
It's an exhausting weekend but I do not take for granted the precious gift of our family. 
It's a good time people!

Terry, Brad & Rex

Tret, Iris & Wanda

my boys hiding behind the couch playing DS

Connie, Ona & Shirley

Amy, Wayne's back, Anne Marie & Dawn

my driveway, just a few of the cars

Wendy, Vicki, Peyton & Terry

Group Shot

Peggy & Bill, our co-planners and great help

newest Powell descendant with grandma, and great-aunt

Betty holding original watercolor- painted by Kitty Legge

Rex, Robbie & Paul singing for the group

my boys :)

Me, and my sweet mother in law, Iris Powell Allen

Dakota & Shayne

another group shot!

Yes indeed, it must be that crazy reunion!

Nite, ya'll!

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