Friday, June 17, 2011

Five Minute Friday- Home

It's Friday, and I'm sneaking in 5 before my day goes insane.  If you don't know what I'm talking about, check out the details below.


It's often you'll hear one of my youngin's whining- "I want to go home" 
Especially if they are tired and just want to melt into a tantrum, or a pile of snuggles. 

Yep, home.  It's where the laundry's piled up, the dishes are scattered and I'm sure you'll find empty juice boxes, Diet Mtn. Dew cans or chocolate milk containers scattered about.  Shoes, toys, and papers, piles of papers, decorate the rooms.  Some might call it cluttered, I call it comfortable.

When I am busy getting kids to school, running errands or putting in my 8hrs at work, I find myself  whining that "I want to go home."  The place where when the burdens of life get too heavy, we can sink into the comfort of the walls that are familiar and safe.  Home - my safe place, cluttered and all.   

It's where the loving, and the kissing, and the laughing and the crying and the praying and the playing and the anxiety and the tantrums and all of life's stuff happens. The good and the bad.  It's where we go to heal after surgery, mourn after death.  It's where we welcome our friends and the people we love like family.  It's where we go to rest and regain strength.   Home is where my kids wrestle, fight, laugh and giggle.

It's where we can be, well, be who we are without fear of judgement, or rejection.
It's where we can pass gas, pick our nose or burp and nobody cares- they sometimes even score and applaud it.    

Home is where my youngest are finally secure enough to let it all go.    It's where we have changed from people to a family.  Home is where we can love and be loved, just as we are.     Home is our safe place.

I just wanna go home too!


Check out the details here:  thegypsymama

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  1. aw, i love that you were my 'before me' again! love hearing a day in your life. sweet mama, sweet family. xo


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