Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Don't Move the Bookcase!

We're having our house painted- so Shayne moved the bookcases into the center of the floor.  He's such a great kid. 

Because he's such a great kid (did I say that before, oh- well he is) I took him to lunch.  He leaves for Camp Eagle (he works there all summer) tomorrow and I won't see him for oh too many days.

Everything was fine when we left.

This sums up my thoughts upon returning home.

CD's and DVD's not where they belong
 But wait- there's more!

My bookcase didn't appreciate the movement and buckled under the pressure.  Never wanting to be alone in buckling, said bookcase took out the CD/DVD shelf on it's way down.  

I was a little distressed to see my favorite photo sculpture had become a casualty.
It just seems wrong seeing your children this way!

No worries, Hope remains intact!

I hope your day finds you holding up under the pressures of life- with Hope for a better tomorrow!

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