Monday, May 16, 2011

A Weekend To Remember

Whirl Wind---yep, that sums it  up. It was one of those that swept through way too fast, and involved a lot of  memory making, too good to miss stuff.  It was just a little faster than this tired momma would like.  
It started Friday night with Isaiah's Preschool Graduation.  After his trying to convince Rex he didn't want to go, a new haircut and a quick pizza, it turned out to be a pretty special night. The Looking Ahead video was full of laughs, when asked "What do you want to be when you grow up? one little boy stammered and hesitated, and finally replied, "a boy" and then there was the little girl's response, and I quote.... "I want to be a mommy.... but I don't want any kids."  I can relate :)

But my favorite quotes, from my own Isaiah--- on What do you want to be when you grow up? he replied,
" A hunter like Shayne, he's tall.  Shayne has a girlfriend"- this is where Miss Keri decided to cut filming for the protection of all. 
When asked, What are you looking forward to about Kindergarten?  He responded - "my brother"- he'll be going to school with Elijah.

The poor child was so sleepy during the songs, we thought a couple of times we might loose him- he was swaying, and rocking, and at one point, just bent over and hung out for a couple of minutes.  He managed to stay awake, and get his diploma and a few pictures, before celebrating with dinner for Mommy & Daddy at Famous Anthony's.  The kids were unusually relaxed, so we lingered and closed them down before heading  home.  Saturday morning actually brought sleeping in, sorta kind of.  I fixed the kids a big breakfast, eggs, sausage, gravy & biscuits.  I put dinner in the crock-pot, to make it easy for Rex later.  I cleaned and puttered, until Shayne decided he wanted a haircut.  We had to compete with the Prom Up-do's, but finally accomplished with a few minutes to spare.  I dumped the kids at home, and headed to the Olive Garden. 

A late Mother's Day dinner- with Mom and Nae.  Girls Only.  We indulged, big-time including Bruschetta to start us off, and an assortment of desserts to finish the meal.  We talked, for a couple of hours driving our waitress a bit crazy.  And we enjoyed live entertainment which was actually watching the Prom dates coming and going.  I admit I was a bit jealous of the young pretty things, and a reason to get all dawled up.  Maybe we should celebrate our 25th Anniversary with an adult Prom- fancy attire required by all. 

We were having so much fun together, we attempted to taking in a movie, but since we missed the early show by 5 minutes, and we are all over 40, we opted to skip the 10:10pm showing.  Instead, I detoured for a quick shopping trip and an all-out search for a "husband" pillow, without success before I headed home and followed through with a promise to watch home movies with the kids, and the Nances'. 

Late to bed, early to rise.  Sunday morning we got the troops ready for church and out the door on-time just a tad late.  Since we couldn't do dinner for Teri's birthday Friday, a little graduation pre-empted the party plans, we headed to Red Lobster for Sunday lunch.  My boys were tired, and loud, and grumpy, and down right obnoxious at times.  None the less, we had some really good food, and cake before heading back home.

I did about an hour of gardening emptying a little space of grass dumpings from the year prior, and some trash, and rock and prepared a little spot for a flower bed in the back yard, next to the mud pit.  It was especially fun dragging the trash can on wheels through the puddles. 

Then it was time for Awana's for Elijah, take Dakota home, make a quick trip to Wal-Mart and enjoy a fantastic heart to heart with Shayne.  We enjoyed the gorgeous view of the mountain we once called home, before retrieving my middle son heading back home.

Did I say I was tired.

I'm tired.

Back out to my future flower bed, to lay the landscape paper, weed blanket, or whatever that stuff is called before the darkness took over. 

Since I was now hungry again and longing for some comfort food, I grabbed a bowl of tomato soup and headed for my really big bathtub.  I indulged in a hot bath and TV while eating my soup.  Yes people, I had my 9:15pm dinner in the bath tub.  (Try it, you'll like it.)

Throw in some rain storms and way too many bummers to count, and I'd say we had a weekend to remember.

And here I sit feeling a little like Cinderella, ha- trying to capture memories before the strike of midnight. 

WHEW! Goodnight people.

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