Monday, May 9, 2011

Triple Blessed!

Mother's Day- for 8 years (well, lots longer than 8) I dreamed of being a mom.  I was so focused on becoming a momma, I probably missed out on a lot of time just hanging with my own momma.  Or, all my mommas.  Divorce causes you to loose many things, but in my life, divorce brought me another momma- Barbara. So, I have my momma momma (Jane) my in-law momma (Iris) and my step-momma (Barbara).  I love them all and am blessed that I get to love triple mommas.  And then there's my sister momma, my best friend momma, my niece mommas- oh, this could go on forever.  Let's just say that I truly appreciate Mother's Day, and all it brings.  And, I am always mindful of those who want want to be a mommy, but for whatever health reasons, they cannot.  I know and remember the pain of that desperation and I pray for their hurt. For years, I dreaded Mother's Day because it was a day that brought pain and disappointment for me.  I do not take for granted thee gift God gave me, and I know how blessed I am that I get to be a momma, and love many!

Momma Niece (Katie) Momma Sister (Nae), Kari and Audrey

Baby Owen

Dakota, Shayne's girlfriend and my boys 

Momma Momma... Jane & me

Momma Best Friend Teri

Momma Iris, Momma Ona & Me

Momma Barbara is in Tennessee- far from me in miles, but not in my thoughts.

So, this Monday indulge me as I make up for missing last week's list and continue to count the many ways I'm thankful...

somewhere over Denver, CO

1000 Gifts #332-357

  • watching my kids make friends on the beach
  • Elijah telling a tweener about Jesus, even when she told him Jesus wasn't real, he said "uh-huh, yes He is"
  • family vacations
  • transmission fluid and sealant- preventing vehicular breakdown on vacation
  • sand covered toes
  • life-long friends
  • shell digging in the ocean, with Teri & Jay, using only our toes.  (yes, this adventure was so good Teri got her hair wet) 
  • flight safety to and from Denver
  • a look at the clouds, from above them- I just love that and wonder if that's what God sees when He looks down on us
  • my sister stepping in for me while I'm gone, literally- she wore my slippers
  • opportunity to love new people (Dakota)
  • Owen snuggles
  • my preschoolers Mother's Day perception of me-  50 lbs, 1 foot tall, favorite game is Hide & Seek, and so on
  • fun dinner with Lane & Cheryl- and their patience with our loud rowdy boys
  • sleeping in my own bed after two full weeks away from home
  • a second monitor at work
  • celebrating Iris' 89th Birthday
  • love notes from my boys
  • witnessing the baptism of about 20 kids we've watch grow up before our eyes- how precious to see their faith grow
  • purple and pink and white petunias on my front porch
  • clean bathrooms for emergency stops
  • my new purse-size thankful journal- with sunflowers and roosters on the cover
  • unexpected date with my hubby on Mother's Day
What 'ya thankful for?


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  1. Came across you blog via "One Thousand Gifts". Love number 333. I've also been thankful many, many times for 355.


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