Wednesday, May 18, 2011

OT- Today was a Good Day!

Having a child with a diagnosed sensory disorder means we get to go to Occupational Therapy every week.  Some days little man doesn't want to go.  Can we all say Control. 

I usually don't mind the weekly commitment because I get to chat with Miss Robin.  She is an awesome woman.  I am amazed by her ability to get Isaiah to do what she needs him to do.  She motivates, encourages, re-trains and does it under the cover of having fun.  And, while all this is happening, he is learning to manage his disorder.  Because I can see progress, some weeks when I'm especially overwhelmed I wonder if the weekly sessions continue to makes a difference. 

But after missing a few weeks for vacations and business meetings, I was painfully aware that it does in fact help my little man in multiple ways.  His teachers and others who are around him a lot, also become aware he needs his OT. 

Today was an especially good day.  You can't hear it, but the giggles coming from the swing/tent made this mommy's heart smile.

We are about 6  months into the 1 year treatment plan and I am still learning tricks to make his life easier to manage.  And, the school has already begun testings and observations to ensure that his sensory needs are met as he starts Kindergarten next year.  You know how I LOVE those IEP meetings.

I really wish I could just take Miss Robin with me everywhere I go, but she is a little busy with her own 5 kids---kids who are amazing like their momma. 

For more information on Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) check out

Thanks Miss Robin for making a difference in our lives.  We love ya!

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