Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Kindergarten PTA Programs are......

If you've ever been to one, I'm sure you have your own answer to fill in the blank. 

My Kindergartner's debut last night was perfect! 

He did not wave (as requested by the teacher) and he warned us for two days that we had better not wave at him.  He did remember his lines, including some we didn't know he even had.  He stood still and sang beautifully.  Of course, he's mine. 

But the rest of the hour, well in all honesty was a tiny bit painful. 
Does that make me a bad mom, to say out loud what you've all thought? 

The songs were cute.
The motions were fun.
The kids were adorable.

The transitions, none of the above. 

I did try to keep in mind they were just 5 & 6 and some, including my own were performing during a time they would normally be headed to bed.

Isaiah just couldn't take it. 

For whatever reason, Elijah decided he needed to tuck his shirt in somewhere between the last two songs. 

here's a peek into our not enough words to do it justice evening



  1. Hi, Robin! My mom sent me a link to your blog b/c we seem to have some things in common. It's nice to "meet" another pastor's wife with a family that looks like ours. Blog on, new friend!

  2. HI new friend. So glad you stopped by. I have I confession, I guess to make. I'm not a REAL pastors wife. We call my husband custodial pastor as a joke, he is on staff full-time; but ordained only in cleaning. We are involved in ministry, so I think we still have much in common. Visit anytime!


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