Saturday, May 21, 2011

Five Minute Friday- When Seasons Change

I get excited when the seasons change.  I'm not a fan of the stale and stagnant.  I'm easily bored with same-ole, same-old.  Ask my hubby, he is never really sure where the furniture might be when he gets home from work.  I like all the seasons, each has it's own purpose and special offering, but I do have a favorite- it's Spring.  I love the smell of fresh cut grass, mornings that don't require jackets and getting my fingers deep in the earth, amid the worms and rock to plant pretty flowers.

Everybody gets to enjoy their favorite for a while, When Seasons Change.   

But just because the season changes- not everything changes with it.

I love this picture- it was taken right outside my front door.  The flowers- well they popped up this week.  They weren't supposed to. They're annuals, I planted them last year and they were supposed to die, but here they are.  If you look, you'll see they're smack in the middle of a mess.  The old mulch, grass and leaves that have been pruned.  The same spot where weed killer was sprayed in abundance, to prepare for new planting.  They look happy,  and fresh, but they're still sitting in the middle of a mess.

That's how it is for me in my life.  God brings new seasons, working it's way up through the mess of the today, bringing happy, fresh and new.  As a wife and mom, I need fresh and new.  I get tired, and frustrated and when I think I'm done, I can't stand one more snowfall or rain storm, when I desperately need warmth and sunshine, seasons change.  My babies start school, my teenager becomes a man.  My husband looks at me like he did 25 years ago.  Fresh and New have found a way into my stale winter, it's spring in my soul and fresh life is breathed into me by my Father Daddy. 

I get fresh and new (start overs) without having to give up what I already have,  When Seasons Change.

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  1. I have some annuals that came back again this spring -- some asparagus fern and a pansy. Isn't that cool? I like your analogy of how even though the seasons changed (for a whole year, actually), some things remain the same. I needed to hear that!


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