Friday, May 27, 2011

Five Minute Friday- Forgetting

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There aren't too many things that I get better at as I age, but this one, I've got it in the bag!
I forget so much these days.  I walk into Kroger, and forget what I am there for.  I get my kids in the van, but forget their backpacks.  I pack for vacation, and forget my husbands toiletries.  I go to the bank, and forget to take the checks. 

In the last week, I've forgotten to
register my son for driver's ed again,
where I put important papers for Isaiah's IEP,
the directions to the Dr's office,
to mail bills that I finally remembered to put stamps on
- get the picture. 
I thought so - I could go on forever. 

In all my forgetting, there is often frustration.  But there is a forgetting that I am thankful for.  The forgetting of my sins.  Yes- all I have to do is ask!  They are forgotten, as far from the East to the West.  That is the most wonderful thing ever; that God forgets my sins, because His son Jesus died for me. 

I hope that I can forget the naughtiness and frustrations of my own kids, and just love them anyway. 
To forget their bad choices from one day to the next and start fresh each day with them. 

Why is it so difficult to forget how the words they use to hurt my feelings 8 months ago, and so easy to forget to stop and listen a little more intently to the words that seem to never end from spewing from their mouths today?
Why is it difficult to forget my husband's imperfections, and not for me to forget to tell him again how much I love him?

I think I'll go tell him right now.
That is, if I can remember once I get into the other room. 


Happy forgetting remembering? 


  1. oh, I could have gone this route with my "forgetting" post. I get so frustrated with the forgetting!! :)

  2. Oh, I am so with you on that forgetting stuff. I can't remember to bring my purse, but I never seem to be able to forget other people's faults.

    Julie (I hopped over from Five Minute Friday.)

  3. I am so glad you wrote this...comparing our every day forgets to the ones we won't. So there. Yes, I am admitting that I am completely capable of forgetting!


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