Friday, May 13, 2011

Five Minute Friday- Deep Breath- Friendship

My sister tells me all the time to remember to breath.  My friend helps me do that.  When I think of the moments in my life, that cause me to deep breath- they all include her. 

Dumb moments- like silly cheers for the gym teacher and high school drama.  

Moments like first days of school in a new state, new town, new everything.  Moments like graduation, and marriage.  The arrival of foster children with lice, and their departure 9 months later.  The birth of her daughter, my son, her son.  The loss of her unborn baby, and years of praying for mine.  The arrival of two brown boys, unexpected and full of need.  Surgeries, lots of surgeries.  Cancer.  Marital trials, and Marital bliss. 

Yes, even deep breath through Bob-a -Loooo at the worst possible time.

Moments like hearing her sing, just before I speak to women about Jesus.  Moments like standing in the funeral home, saying goodbye to a classmate, who died too soon.  Riding to Alabama to bury a friend, and love on his wife.  Moments that are too good- like when the judge made our boys ours forever, or just laying on the beach talking about teenagers; and moments that are too difficult to put into words.

Deep breath- she's always breathing with me.  And I do know and appreciate what a precious gift that is from God.  She's been there for more than 30+ years, and I expect she'll be there for 30+ more.  She better be, I have too much invested.  We'll keep deep breathing as our teenagers give us gray hair, get married and have their own babies.

Yep, we've breathed through some stuff together, and with each deep breath, the bond of our friendship tightened, and strengthened; and in a weird way made us look alike.

Today's her birthday- she'll deep breath to blow out all those candles (she's older than me for a few months) and I'll deep breath in the gift I've been given - the gift of friendship.  I love you Teri!

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  1. There is nothing more precious than a close friend to walk through all the big and little things in life! Happy Birthday to her! What a beautiful gift.


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