Monday, May 16, 2011

Does Love See Ugly, or Just See Past It?

I left work this afternoon, the downtown metropolis of Roanoke, VA.  There were two people standing on the sidewalk- fully embraced and kissing.  I noticed immediately all their worldly possessions in a shopping cart next to them. Heads greatly in need of shampooing, bodies showering.  Neither was attractive to look at.  I'll admit, I was a bit repulsed at first.  EEEEWWWW! That's when the title question popped into my mind.  

I know how shallow this makes me sound, so as I was mulling over my horrid thoughts, I heard it.  The still small voice of God whispering to me.  "They are looking past the ugly.  That's what I do for you everyday.  Lest you forget, you aren't too lovely to look at either.  I look past you and see my Son!  I don't see your ugly, and you shouldn't see ugly either.  Look past it"

I guess that is what I am attempting to do when I seek things to be thankful for.  Most days, my life is full of ugly.  Tantrums and tears, people needing more of me that I have to give.  My heart breaking off in pieces like a puzzle.  Looking in the mirror and being repulsed by what stares back at me. The news of the day.

And, I wonder why?  Why does God continue to bring people into our lives who seem to be doomed to live smack-dab in the middle of ugly. 

I can't get caught up in the ugly- I have to look past it.  It's easier said than done, isn't it?  But that is what God does for us, and we are called to be God-followers. The ugly is still there, but we don't see it first, we can see past it, and that's where we continue to find reasons to be thankful. 

1000 Gifts #358-375

  • watching Dakota eat her first HOT Krispy Kreme Donut
  • hearing I luv you, whispered in a 5 yr old sleepiness in the night
  • Dakota's laugh, it's infectious
  • tan lines on beautiful brown skin
  • a pinkie promise to wave at the window
  • Pre-School graduation
  • Isaiah whispering to his monkey as he fell asleep... "I had a good day today, graduation was fun"
  • opportunity's to encourage people new in my life
  • laughter- silly, goofy, no specific reason laughter
  • cup holders in the van
  • manicured fingers in the dirt, preparing for pretty flowers
  • trusting in God's sovereignty
  • a catch-up lunch with Amy
  • big boy accomplishments taught by a patient big brother-learning to tie his own shoes
  • Mommy's day girl talk with two women I cherish
  • the potential of loving another son, and God's timing and wisdom that we aren't
  • trust of my teenage son in me, to be honest about his thoughts
  • Kindergarten lines remembered, nervous and all
What 'ya thankful for?

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